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An End of the Weekend Hello!

It’s been a few days—I wanted to pop in and say hello to you all.  Have you had a nice weekend?  Did you do anything different or relaxing?  I’d love to hear how your weekend went, please share! ❤

We had the MOST gorgeous day yesterday!  It was SUNNY and WARM, a very, very, rare occurrence around here lately, so it was imperative that we get outside and soak up some of those elusive golden rays.  My husband and I took a drive out to a little town with a charming town square to meander through and cute shops to browse in.  The town is actually where they filmed the movie Groundhog Day. Woodstock was bustling yesterday; everyone was happy to get outside, smiling faces everywhere you looked.

One of my favorite shops is also here.  It is a vintage shop, but they also have new things.   I love how they display the old with the new so creatively.  I seem to always find things to purchase here, and yesterday was no exception, although I didn’t have to spend much at all. Recently I have become obsessed with cute figurines.  Most of them are from Japan and are of animals.  I saw this tiny cocker spaniel ($4!); he needed to join me in my sewing room.  He even has a vintage Japan sticker on his bum.

cocker spaniel 025

I also found this little mice figurine.  The owner told me she brought this back from England with her.  It looked like it belonged in a storybook.  It is adorable, and oh, so, tiny! ($5!)

All this cuteness!  I am a happy girl!

mice 018

Spring is very slowly starting to look the way it’s supposed to look, although with the exception of green grass it still pretty much looks like winter.  However, I think our daffodils will bloom this week, and add some springlike color.

daffodils 028

A tiny patch of tulips have started to come up.  Yes, this is the total for tulips in our yard.  I once read tulips decrease in amount where daffodils increase or naturalize.  Looks like our tulips are soon to be none.  Maybe I’ll plant more this fall.

tulips 035

In my studio “Princess and the Pearl” was completed hours ago.  Here is Gina to show you a tiny bit.  Her needle felted bear is named Pearl, in case you are wondering.  Pearl is always ready to give her mom, Gina, a flower.  As soon as we get a bright-ish day I will take photos.  Right now it’s dreary and drizzly… yet again.

gina 006

I knit this lace bolero this past week and today have started sewing the dress.  This ensemble will be all lilac and lavender yummy gloriousness.

04-02-17 009

I have another bolero completed, but it is for my Kaye Wiggs Gracie; it is in fuchsia.  The print to accompany that bolero is one that reminds me of a Liberty of London print, which I adore.  Another work-in-progress is a hot pink mohair/silk cardigan for Patience.  Her cardigan will go with a dress in the same print as Gracie’s, but it will be in a different colorway.

So, that’s all the news from my world for now.  I hope you are all doing great and enjoying springtime, or fall if you’re down under.  Talk to you soon, my friends!

Bye for now!


Studio and Early Summer Tidbits

In my studio today I spent the day finishing the embroidery on Gracie’s sweater, putting the finishing touches on her crocheted cap, and thinking about the little accessories that will accompany this ensemble.

rose trellis 168

gracie 231

I’m not sure if I like this wig on Gracie.  She has always worn the darker blonde wig and looked cute in it.  Although I think she looks more carefree and summery with the light blonde curls, I’m still not sure.  What do you think?

beauty in blue 609

A few posts ago, I promised to take some photos to show you what is in my studio display cabinet.  I have this little collection (my daughter’s) of blown glass animals (and a lone heart) that I keep in here.  A couple pieces are ornaments and some pieces we found at a resale shop.  The little vintage poodle is one of the three items I have that belonged to my grandmother (my dad’s mother) who passed away before I was born.  I don’t have any memories of her, but I remember these types of things being around my grandpa’s house when I was young.  This poodle most likely was part of this set that I pinned on Pinterest.  I think I mentioned the potted tulips before; my husband brought them back from Holland.

glass animals 179

pink poodle 184

I found this needlework that I had made for my grandparents at my parent’s house.  At first, I didn’t remember it, but then the memories of  it started coming back to me.  I must have embroidered it in grade school as it is a bit . . . hmm, messy?  Look how my grandfather framed it; now scroll down and look at the back!  He was a very frugal man, and used what he had on hand.  I love that about him.

childhood needlework 175

needlework back 177

Outside things are looking very, very lush, and green.  When we returned from Florida we had some cute clover patches growing in our lawn.  I kiddingly mentioned to my husband that we should leave them for the bees.  Well, he did just that!  (I can only imagine how nutty our neighbors think we are.)  When I am out walking I see a couple of hives set up, so I am sure the bees appreciate us growing the clover for them; they need all the help they can get these days.  Not sure how long we should let it get though.

clover patch 206

clover 201

Our easy peasy rosebushes are blooming, as are the violas.

red roses 194

violas 190

These teen tiny biennials were here when we moved into our house 8 years ago.  They keep reseeding, and will bloom during their second season.  I don’t know what kind of flower they are, but they smell like carnations or pinks.

tiny blossoms 217

Our lavender blossomed hostas are getting ready to bloom.

hostas 188

I’ve never noticed acorns at this early stage before.  Aren’t they tiny!

tiny acorns 211

And last, but not least, a few apples growing on our apple tree.  They are about the size of  small limes.

tiny apples 216

We had a rare low humidity day today, just wonderful; I kept the windows open all day long.  Tomorrow, however, a change is coming—storms followed by a cold front.  The weather is never boring here in northern Illinois.

I hope you all had an equally beautiful day.  Thanks for visiting.  Bye for now.

Making Room for New

As I mentioned in my last post, we got back from our “vacation” in Florida late Friday night.  I put vacation in quotes because it wasn’t really a vacation in the sense that we think of vacations.

My entire family—brother, sisters, their husbands and wife, all my nieces and nephews—all gathered for my parent’s memorial service last weekend.  My dad passed away in February and my mom in April.  It took this long for everyone to be able to be together, and that was the most beautiful thing, that we were all together to celebrate my parent’s life!  So, even though it was a sad weekend because they weren’t with us in body, they were with us in spirit.  I know it made them happy that we were all together.

My sisters and I also had the job of going through their home and either donating or taking things that we wanted to keep with us.  We donated bags and bags of basic items, but those special things that had memories for us got saved.

My mom loved music, and while planning my parent’s memorial mass, we couldn’t remember if my mom’s favorite song was Ave Maria or Amazing Grace, so we had both at their mass.  Afterwards, I found a little music box, that plays a song as you wind the crank, in my mom’s dresser.  I thought it was cute, so took it home with me not knowing the song it played.  When I got home I took the time to listen to its tune—it played Ave Maria.  Okay, Mom, I get it, Ave Maria was your favorite. ❤ ❤ ❤

ave maria music box 931

There were a few sets of items that needed to be divided up because the memories were so dear.  For instance, a set of porcelain ducks and bunnies, four total—two of each, my sister and I each took a duck, and my other sister took the set of bunnies.  My mom couldn’t part with the bunnies either; she inherited them when my grandmother passed, so she had all four pieces.  These were Easter table decorations from when I was quite young; the ducks were at our house and the bunnies were at my grandparent’s house.

duck 906

My little duck will be residing in this display cabinet.  He will hang out with the two Kitchen Fairies, which were gifts to my mom from my daughter.

duck kitchen fairies 917

My mom’s two squirrels (the larger squirrels) are visiting us at the moment.  They will travel around visiting other family members throughout the years (my brother’s creative idea!).  They even made a new squirrel friend at our house.  Hmm, wonder where they will go next.

squirrels 923

 It was a full weekend finding the perfect spot for our new mementos.  Being surrounded by some of my parent’s things is like a warm hug from them both; everywhere I look are memories of them.

I felt since I was bringing in so much new, I had to get rid of some of the old, so we went through our stuff and donated what we no longer wanted or needed.

As far as dolly related working goes, this is all I managed to get done over the past couple of weeks—five sweaters knitted!  I will get them blocked today . . . at least.  Don’t they look a mess right off the needles?  Thank goodness for blocking.

06-13-16 930

Well, I’d better get started with my day.  I need to go to the post office and collect two weeks worth of mail, yikes.  As for dolly things, hopefully, I’ll be able to do more than block those sweaters.

Have a great day everyone!  Thanks for reading.

Oh, I have a new doll on the way!  I can’t wait to introduce her to you!