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Many Outfits are in Progress

Hello everyone!  The summer season has officially started here in the United States.  Yay!

I’m sorry that I wasn’t around to chat last week.  My daughter graduated from high school and it was super duper busy around here.  So many good byes and things ending . . . it’s hard.  I know there will be lots of new beginnings, but the endings are sad, they really are.

Last week, I sewed . . . and sewed; I ONLY sewed!  I didn’t knit, crochet, embroider, or complete any ensembles.  When I would get some time, I would run down to my studio to sew another dress.  Now I have 5 dresses waiting for their sweaters to be knit and/or embroidered.

5 in dresses 847

You can see who the dresses are all for.  I do at least have all the sweaters planned—Patsy’s is knit already.  I’m going to knit all of the sweaters and then go back to embroider and complete the ensembles.  Gotta sometimes change things up.

Gina’s sweater will be knit with white lace weight mohair and then dyed a very light rosy pink.  Lucy’s  will be a light pink bamboo.  Gracie’s cardigan will be white pima cotton/bamboo.  Patsy’s is white mohair lace.  And, Millie’s will be knit with pink baby alpaca/silk lace yarn.  I also have a small ball of merino lace yarn that I hand dyed (a couple weeks ago) a light sky blue to knit a dress for Sugar.  I guess I’d better get knitting!

Wishing you all a great Tuesday!  Bye for now!


Let’s All “Make a Christmas Wish”

Close your eyes right now and make a Christmas wish with Millie.  I think that if we all wish (or pray) for peace, love, sharing, caring, and all things good there might be more of that this holiday season.  All of those positive thoughts being put out there has to yield positive results, right?

I’d like to introduce you to my newest sweetie, Millie.  She is a sunkissed slim mini BJD by Kaye Wiggs.  At the moment she has Glib light green grey eyes and is wearing a carrot red Giselle mohair wig from Kemper.  She is ever so sweet and just makes me smile whenever I look at her!

Her very first outfit to model is called “Make a Christmas Wish” which she is happy to show you now.   Personally I think she is having too much fun with the magic wand.  You know how little girls are with glitter.

This outfit is available for sale on my website and to start off the sharing this season I will donate $75 of the purchase price to the Make a Wish America foundation in the purchaser’s name.  Make a Wish will even send you a thank you card.

make a christmas wish 780

make a christmas wish 790

make a christmas wish 804

make a christmas wish 794

For more information on Millie’s “Make a Christmas Wish” outfit please visit the “Available for Sale” page on cindyricedesigns.com.

Millie and I hope all of your Christmas wishes come true!