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“An Apple A Day”

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  We’ve all heard this old proverb a million times, right?  Well, is it true?  The saying is probably not technically true, but I believe apples are good for you.  Here’s a link that will talk you into enjoying your apple a day, it did me.

And, to remind you to have your apple every day . . . is Patience all dressed up in an apple print.  This print isn’t your usual apple print colorway—it’s pink, with prettily colored blossoms. The apples on this print are a rosy red, which is different from the usual bright, or orange-y red.

an apple a day 311

an apple a day 357

an apple a day 387

Patience’s 3/4 length wool cardigan is hand knit with a custom mixed Peruvian Highland wool.  The color is a cool light red, it was impossible to photograph this shade.  It is always a challenge to embroider on darker sweaters.  If the embroidery colors are too light they all end up looking like the same color, and if they are too dark they disappear.  I think I got the right balance with this sweater’s embroidery.  I was even able to get some rosy apples to show up!

an apple a day 340

Patience loves her apple leaf hair ties.  They tie over a small lock of her hair into tiny bows.

an apple a day 322

Patience has an apple for you in her crocheted basket!  I also made her a little apple leaf branch with tiny crocheted leaves, which I attached to an actual branch with needle and thread.

So, don’t forget your apple today, if you are so inclined.  Right now I have a bag of organic gala apples in the frig.  I think I’ll slice one up (with the peel intact) and enjoy it later.

Patience’s “An Apple A Day” ensemble will be available tonight (August 28, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.

I hope you all are enjoying the last Sunday in August!  Geez . . . can’t believe it!

“Summertime Roses” for Patience

I don’t have many roses blooming on my three rosebushes (I may have deadheaded them too vigorously) right now, so it’s a good thing they are blooming on Patience’s dress.  I really am not good with roses. *sigh* 😦

Anyway, on a brighter note, Patience is here to relieve your rose withdrawal (if you, like me, have any).

summertime roses 518

summertime roses 535

Patience’s tiny sweater is hand knit with the finest lace weight yarn I have in my stash, a blend of baby alpaca and silk.  The embroidered bouquet on Patience’s sweater is “tied” with a silk ribbon embroidered bow.  Her sweater buttons are glass pearls.

summertime roses 552

Silk ribbons also decorate the waistline of Patience’s dress.

summertime roses 578

summertime roses 591

I quickly took the photo below during the golden hour, just before sundown.  I noticed how beautiful the light was getting and wanted to capture it.  I literally had minutes before it got too dark.

 summertime roses 628

Patience’s bracelet is part of her crocheted clutch purse.  It really opens and closes and can hold a tiny treasure.  Her pearl headband is crocheted with the same pink cotton as used for her clutch.

summertime roses 512

Patience’s “Summertime Roses” ensemble will be available tonight (July 27, 2016) at 7:00pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.  You can check the “Shop What’s New” page at that time for more details.

Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses today! 🙂