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“Feelin’ Fancy”

I introduced you to Miss Fancy Mouse on Friday here.  Gina is here now, too, to show you the completed ensemble.  Aren’t they a fancy pair?

feelin' fancy 2 121

Gina’s dress is made with a cotton rose bouquet print in the most beautiful shade of lavender.  I describe is as a pinky purply medium shade of yumminess!  The lace shrug is knit with a slightly neutral lavender wool yarn that really makes this print look even prettier, if that’s possible.  I brought out the bright pink color in the roses with ribbon and the heart charm.  The deeper rose color is brought out with the crocheted raspberry rose and tassel.  The color of the shrug is also used for the 5-petaled flower, purse ties, and tassel.  White accents offer a splash of crispness.

feelin' fancy 164

English cotton Cluny lace is set into the skirt so that the lining subtlety peeks through, and makes the lace band appear just a little lighter.

feelin' fancy 141

Gina’s lace shrug keeps her shoulder warm on these spring days.

feelin' fancy 137

Gina wanted to show you Miss Fancy Mouse’s long tail and bow, so I quickly took a photo of Miss Fancy Mouse’s backside.

feelin' fancy 139

Here she is all tucked into her carrier.  She is a cozy mouse indeed.

feelin' fancy 182

feelin' fancy 148

“Feelin’ Fancy” will be available tonight (April 9, 2107) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com

Miss Fancy Mouse

I’d like to introduce you to Miss Fancy Mouse.  She was born this week amongst this mess on my desk.

04-05-17 113

I thought we were having a little bear, but I was wrong.  We had a mousling!  And a fancy one at that.

mouse 2 110

Amelia Thimble is smitten again, and thinks every miniature I make is for her.  I’m sorry, my little Amelia Thimble, but Miss Fancy Mouse is for the Little Darlings.

amelia mouse 116

feelin' fancy 137

Miss Fancy Mouse wears a choker of beads and the tiniest of bows in front of her ear.  At the base of her tail is another little bow.  Gina loves holding Miss Fancy Mouse, but suggested I make a mouse carrier to keep her cozy and secure.

feelin' fancy 182

Everyone here in the studio wishes you a fabulous day.  Thanks for stopping by.  Bye for now. ❤