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“Classic and Cozy”

Happy Tuesday to you!

Gina is here to say hello and good morning (or good afternoon), and to model her new ensemble for you!

classic and cozy 679

She is wearing a hand knit jumper pinafore and blouse set.  This pinafore design was inspired by this photo.  I fell in love with this real life Little Darling all cozily attired in her knit pinafore, and had to create one for my Little Darling.

I also have a knitting pattern for this pinafore.  You can find it here.  This is the fourth pinafore I’ve made.  If you’d like to see the other three pinafores, you can check those out on my Flickr page.  The first version in pink has had minor changes made to it, but the other two are exactly the same.

classic and cozy 667

Now, on to Gina and her “Classic and Cozy” Christmas ensemble.  The pinafore was knit with deep red Peruvian Highland wool.  The wide ribbed waistline fits her perfectly, and the skirt has decorate stitches to give the appearance of soft pleats.  The shoulder straps actually button, but don’t need to be used for dressing.  The back of the pinafore has a placket with beads along the entire length, but only the top three are working buttons/buttonholes to be used for dressing.  Embroidered on the skirt is a poinsettia motif designed to coordinate with the blouse print.

classic and cozy 675

The elbow length sleeve blouse is made with a sweet poinsettia cotton print.  Poinsettias in red/pink are sprinkled on a pure white background.  I thought this fabric gave the look of a crisp white blouse but with added holiday flair.  The blouse body is completely lined in white cotton lawn.  The sleeves have double turned seam allowances and hems that are hand stitched in place; the bodice lining is hand stitched over the armhole.  (You’ll see no raw or surged edges inside this blouse.)  The blouse snaps only above the pinafore area to decrease bulk.

classic and cozy 688

Gina carries a pure white bear which is a purchased miniature.  She is customized with her own hand made pink poinsettia (wool felt, beads) and a red organza ribbon.  All of her embellishments have been carefully and securely sewn on with needle and thread; ribbon ends are treated to prevent fraying.

Gina’s other accessories include a two-strand bracelet, white cotton ribbed tights, and a red organza ribbon for tying in her hair.

classic and cozy 661

“Classic and Cozy will be available tonight (November 14, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.

I hope you all enjoy your day! ❤





New Knitting Pattern For Amelia Thimble

Your Amelia Thimble, and her friend Izzy, can now have all the dresses their little hearts’ desire.  My knitting pattern for their a-line and party dress is now available on my website.  Even if you don’t have these dolls these dresses make the cutest ornaments, miniatures, room box decorations, or simply hang them on branches in a vase.  Let your imagination go wild!  But be forewarned, they are addictive!  For inspiration, here is the link to Amelia Thimble’s album on Flickr.

You’ll only need small bits of lace weight yarn to make these teeny tiny dresses.  You can embellish them with embroidery, lace, ribbons.  Have fun!  Once you get going on them you can probably get all of your hand made gifts made in no time.

Amelia Thimble sweater dress pattern cover.jpg

In case you missed my first knitting pattern, Classic Cardigan, for Dianna Effner’s Little Darling dolls go here to check that one out.

Pattern is available as a pdf digital pattern; you’ll need a pdf reader application installed on your computer.  Go to my website and click on the “Shop Patterns” tab.

Once you complete your Paypal payment, I will send the pattern as an attachment to your email address.  Please make sure I have your correct email for sending the pattern to. There are no shipping charges and the pattern can be sent anywhere as long as you have an email address.

Here’s the link to my website:  cindyricedesigns.com