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“Holiday Botanicals”

Holiday decorating has begun in my sewing room and when Gracie dons her striped elf hat she really gets into the Christmas spirit.  Right now she is looking for the perfect spot for her grapevine poinsettia wreath.  Any ideas?

I love the colors in this botanical Christmas print:  orange-y red, aqua blue, yellow green, a medium bright green, deep red, and pure white.  Not that I don’t like basic red and green, but this palette is so fresh looking.  (It is actually a little more colorful; reds are so hard to photograph.)


The photo below is a bit brighter.  The problem was that to get the dress bright, I’d have to settle for the color of the sweater to get over saturated.  The photos of only the dress are a little more colorful.



The sweater is knit with hand dyed Peruvian Highland wool that I hand dyed to a warm red.  It has some subtle light and dark areas which give it a tonal feel.  The yarn matches the warm orange-y red blossoms on the dress.

For the sweater’s embroidery, I chose to highlight the bright white poinsettias, but to keep them on the smaller size in an asymmetrical scattered composition.  Three shades of greenery which match the dress are also used for the embroidery.  Dark burgundy berries and garnet bead buttons tie into the deep red background of the dress.  Again, sorry for the photo quality.  The white blossoms are very white compared to how they look in the photo above.  The closeup photo below is better, but the greens are appearing muddy, and they’re not.




Gracie’s “Holiday Botanicals” ensemble will be available tonight (October 20, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.

I hope you all have, or are having a great day!  Bye for now, and thanks for stopping by.

“A Plummy Fall”

I love this fabric so much!  I’ve been hoarding my one half yard bit of it . . . saving it for someone special, wondering and wondering . . . who would that be?  That special someone turned out to be Gracie.

This fabric is probably the most colorful and detailed rose print I’ve seen in this small of a  scale.  That being said, I should have saved it for one of my many smaller dolls, but I couldn’t help using it for Gracie.  The ground color is a light plum color and looks gorgeous next to Gracie, as does this color of yarn.




I recently told you about getting on a Craftsy kick again.  My latest “aha moment” happened while watching Wee Ones Seamless Knit Toys by Susan B. Anderson.  Susan knits her toy animal bodies from the top down just like how I knit my sweaters.  She knits the arms to her animal bodies with double pointed needles to knit them in the round.  I don’t do that with my sleeves, but how cool would that be!  I needed to move around some increases and decreases and get comfortable picking up stitches, but the end result was that this technique did work for my sweaters!  Oh happy day!

I love learning new processes or techniques; it keeps me excited to continue designing and making.  Do you thrive on learning new things?


You can see the smooth underarm area without the added bulk of a seam.  The longer sleeved sweaters and those knit with heavier yarn will benefit the most from this technique.

a plummy fall 845.jpg





Gracie and I thank you for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed seeing her new fall ensemble.

Gracie’s new ensemble, “A Plummy Fall”, will be available tonight (September 15, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST at cindyricedesigns.com.