This and That for Saturday!

Hi all!  Did you have a nice Groundhog Day?  Yep, he saw his shadow—another 6 weeks of winter.  I’m betting winter will extend past that 6 week mark, maybe 10 weeks!  What do you think?

My husband and I spent yesterday evening watching the movie “Groundhog Day”.  It was filmed in a nearby town that we frequently visit.  We had fun trying to pick out the filming spots and what is there now.  The filming probably took place in 1992, so things have changed.  My husband is really good at spotting the areas, not me so much.  The bed and breakfast that  Bill Murray stayed in was recently sold.  In case you are curious as to what it looks like you can see that here.  I don’t believe they filmed inside, but definitely outside.  I think it operated as a bed and breakfast for a while, but not sure what it is currently being used for.

This little orchid blossom is just opening this very morning!  She’s itty bitty, and is one of three buds on a short stem.  This is my last remaining phalaenopsis orchid plant. 😦  I must say that that’s a very good reason to visit a somewhat local orchid greenhouse.  It’s huge (4 acres!) and makes you feel as if you’re on a tropical vacation.

2018 phal orchid 3863

stack of cowls 643

My stack of cowls is growing.  I just finished the white one.  My next cowl will be the Bobble Cowl by Joji Locatelli.  It is much longer than these three, so will be on my needles for awhile.  I want to dye a skein of fingering weight merino single ply in a very light tonal or barely there gradient.  Sorry dollies, I know this skein was meant for you.

As for dolly stuff, I will be embroidering today.  See, I’m all set up and ready to go.  Once I get started I will be fine—no more procrastinating.

02-03-18 657

Oh, one more thing… I didn’t start out collecting doll books, but as you can see it is turning into that.  I don’t think I can pass up a book with the word “doll” in the title or a doll illustration on the cover.  “House of Dolls” just arrived last week, and is my tiniest book yet.  A few of these books have been recommended by some of you.  Thank you!  I’ve enjoyed them all very much and reread them often.  Any more suggestions? 🙂

stack of doll books 642

I still have to share my heart sachets with you.  Tomorrow, I will try.  This post is already all over the place.

Wishing you all a great Saturday!

Thank you so much for spending some time with me today. ❤


Last Day of January 2018!

Wow and yay!

I don’t know about you, but January is typically a hard month for me.  The lack of daylight, after holiday blues, cold temps that keep from my daily walks—it all adds up to make January my least favorite month.

However, this year was easier for me—I had a weekend reprieve from the cold in Florida, and my daughter was home for the first half of the month.  So, for me, it’s just been these last two weeks… and I got through them.  I’ll take any and all the help for January to roll along on the positive side.

By the way, how many weeks until spring? 🙂

spikelets cowl 563

I think I showed you the skein of merino yarn I dyed.  You can see that post here.  Well, that skein is all knit up in a cowl.  I used the Spikelets Cowl pattern by Victoria Groger.  It’s a free pattern on Ravelry.  I thought those cables looked daunting, but wanted to give it a try.  There were a couple of rows that caused me to pause and make sure I was doing things correctly, but with the included chart as a backup, I figured it out.  I love it and have worn this warm and cozy cowl numerous times already!

I can’t remember her specified cast on or bind off in the pattern.  I used the lace cast on and the sewn bind off for maximum stretchiness.  I wanted to make sure it would slip on okay because no, I didn’t swatch.  And, I only went down one needle size for the ribbing, instead of the specified two.

spikelets cowl 558

The second sock for my second pair of socks is coming along nicely.  I find knitting socks to be very relaxing, and the perfect thing to do when I am tired and don’t want to think about anything too taxing.

socks 639

I’ve started another cowl.  This one is basic “will go with anything” white.  I’m using Galileo sport weight from Knit Picks.  This cowl is simply a 3 by 1 rib that melts into the Eyelet Mock Cable Rib stitch.  My new Hiya Hiya Sharps make this stitch easy to execute.  I LOVE these needles!

eyelet mock cable cowl 638

Last week I spent a couple of days figuring out how to knit tiny hearts.  I’ll share those with you next time.

Until then, enjoy!  Thanks for stopping by, my friends! ❤ ❤ ❤

Something New… “Warm Hugs and Kisses”

It feels so good to have this ensemble for the Little Darlings finally finished!  This was the other one I started in early December.  Sheesh!  Since all I want to do lately is knit, I had to add this to my “to do” list to get this one completed—and I’m glad I did.  I really enjoy seeing my happy Little Darling, Lucy, enjoying it so much.

warm hugs and kisses 602

See how happy . . . and cozy warm she looks!  Her sweater coat and cap set is knit with merino wool/angora yarn.  It is slightly fuzzy with a halo and is quite soft.  The sweater coat is knit with my pattern.  I shortened it by one buttonhole’s length and omitted the pockets.  The hand embroidery on this sweater coat and cap is pretty and feminine and coordinates with the dress print.

warm hugs and kisses 614

warm hugs and kisses 632

The cotton print I selected for the dress is a calico from a “Little House on the Prairie” collection.  The Cluny laces in this ensemble are from England.  The scalloped lace is cotton and the sturdier lace used for the sash is nylon, both are off white in color.

warm hugs and kisses 624

Lucy’s other accessories include a hand knit wool scarf, heart charm bracelet, pink cotton tights, and a Teddy bear which is customized to coordinate with this set.

warm hugs and kisses 605

warm hugs and kisses 609

warm hugs and kisses 612

Lucy’s “Warm Hugs and Kisses” ensemble is one-of-a-kind and will be available tonight (January 28, 2018) at 7:00 pm CST,

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, my friends!  Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, and dear Lucy is sending you a warm hug and kiss . . . xoxo.  Hope it warms up your day.