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Holiday Spirit in My Studio

Happy weekend to you all!  This morning I awoke to rain pelting the windows very early this morning. It was a comforting and cozy way to wake up, although hard to get out of bed.

After getting the kettle going on the stove for coffee, I took a peek outside the front door.  Sweet Morris, one of the two feral cats that we feed, was snuggled up close to the front door.  We have a deep porch that normally keeps off the rain, but this morning there was only enough dry area for him on the welcome mat.  Poor thing!  I felt so bad for him, and promptly gave him his breakfast.

Miss Feral, the most feral tabby I’ve ever met, hasn’t been around yet.  Being a smaller cat, she has a special place that she squeezes under in inclement weather.  I’ve never been able to figure out where she goes.  There is a tell tale sign on her back where her fur gets trimmed off; she goes somewhere.

My studio is looking mighty festive.  Five of my girls are dressed in their holiday finery, and another one is almost ready.  I’ve brought out a few decorations too.  We don’t decorate the house for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but getting my studio ready helps me get in the spirit for making Christmas/holiday ensemble.

11-03-17 803

This is the “sweets” tree as everything on it has to do with yumminess.  I usually put it on the hearth, but decided it would be perfect in my studio, for now anyway.

11-03-17 800

Little stuffies in Santa’s sleigh.

11-03-17 786

Teeny tiny things, many are vintage dime store ornaments from my mom and grandma, decorate this Boyds Bears potting bench.

11-03-17 814

I hung up one of my two poinsettia botanical bouquets in my studio.  This framed piece was part of my very last published pattern; I cross stitched it about 15 years ago.  I remember trying to get all of the nuances in color when designing the poinsettia for this chart.  I also wanted to get as many types of holiday greenery in the bouquet as possible.  The metallic gold/silver balls were a fun addition, but a challenge to work.  I’m not sure I like working with metallic thread.

11-03-17 807

Kish Tulah is wearing something holiday-ish I made years ago.  Can you tell she is a dog lover?

And, here are my girls.  Aren’ they cute?

Lucy, Alice, Gina, Rose, and Millie eagerly await picture day.  Patience is still in the dressing room, but she’ll be wearing something new too.

Here is a close up of Millie’s snowman.  Rose’s is almost identical but with different colors.  Patience will also have a snowman.

millie little frosty 742

That’s all for today.  I wish you all a fabulous early November weekend.  Enjoy these next few weeks before the hectic holiday season starts up.




Wet Outside, Cozy and Warm Inside

Since Sunday, here in northern Illinois, we are “enjoying” a different weather experience.  After a week of glorious sunshine and temps, it’s been quite cool and wet.  However, there is a silver lining.  It’s the perfect kind of weather to start up a fire in the fireplace, make some homemade soup, and craft with wool.

rain day 2017 738

rain day 2017 721

On Sunday I made a pot of vegetable soup.  I used what I had on hand:  white beans, yellow split peas, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, zucchini, onions, garlic, and thyme.  It all went into my soup pot with vegetable bouillon, water, and some salt.  One and a half hours later we had yummy soup which will last us for a few days.

I topped my bowl of soup with plain whole milk Greek yogurt, my favorite “sour cream”, and parmesan cheese.  In case you’re wondering, it was very good. 🙂

vegetable soup 722

I started building my snow people yesterday evening.  I stuck with it, and ended up with a dozen of them!  I can’t wait to bring them all to life.

10-24-17 725

10-24-17 726

My favorite place to work on days (or nights) like this is right in front of the fireplace.  The little table that my Mom had in her house is the perfect height for working.  I will also put my June Taylor Cushioned Quilter’s Square ‘n Blocker board on it when I am embroidering or hand sewing; it’s rigid and creates its own table top.

10-24-17 737

Wherever you are, rain or shine, warm or cool, I hope your day has a silver lining too. ❤

By the way, does anyone know the name of the tall plant with variegated leaves in the photo below?  Thanks.

houseplant 736.jpg

In Progress and Special Days

It’s been a strange month, or it feels that way, as far as my makings go.  I haven’t had one new thing to show you all month, and we are 3/4 of the way through!  I’ve not been idle, however.  I’ve been working away on Christmas/holiday ensembles.  So far, I have two for the Little Darlings completed with another two in the works for them.  My 11″ Kaye Wiggs Millie is getting something, and of course, my new 10″ Boneka Rose will get a holiday dress too.  After that, I am planning on making something for Patience, Puki Puki, Patsy, and Gracie.  Fingers crossed that I don’t run out of time.

09-24-17 595Here is my pile of Christmas/holiday fabric and holiday colored yarn.  I am NOT! buying any more fabric this year since I bought more than I could use last year.

10-21-17 712

In progress . . .

I desperately wanted to add these bright foil lined red beads to the white lace; they picked up the bright red edge in the ribbon perfectly.  The only problem was that all of the seams on the dress were sewn up, and I didn’t want stitching to show through to the lining.  With care, I was able to keep the hand stitching thread between the lace and lining.  I am knitting a fuzzy mohair/silk sweater for this dress in pure white.

10-21-17 711

I finished the hand sewing on Millie’s dress this morning.  Do you also feel like you get bonus time when you get up in darkness and get right to work?  I got Millie’s dress 100% done early this morning:  hand sewing, snaps, buttons, and belt loops.  Yay!  This dress is made out of a tiny snowman print, and Millie would love one of those needle felted snowmen that I made last year.  I actually want to take a day next week and make a “bunch” of them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy hubby and I celebrated our 25th anniversary on Monday.  We spent the day in downtown Chicago at the Art Institute of Chicago.

renoir 3500

Any works of art with sewing catches my eye.  This painting from around the year 1900 depicts Renoir’s 4-5 year old son sewing.  I guess it was the fashion for young boys to have long hair.  It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?


Afterwards, we stopped at a restaurant called Cindy’s.  The balcony overlooks Millenium Park, Lake Michigan, and parts of the city.  You can see “the bean”, entitled Cloud Gate, above my head.  (Everyone here calls it “the bean”.)  You can also see some of the trees with their leaves changing color.  Everything still looks (and feels) pretty summery.

Today is my hubby’s birthday.  We’re hoping to include our daughter in “present opening” via FaceTime.

b's bday 2017 718

I hope you have a nice weekend!  Thanks for visiting with me today.