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Rainy Days

Sugar won’t need her sprinkling can today; it’ll be a rain-filled thunderstorming kind of day here in northern Illinois.

Spring Garden 9 cell Collage poemThese dresses are from 2014.  Sugar’s itty bitty everlasting embroidered bulb garden is filled with daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and grape hyacinths.

Sugar is a tiny Fairyland Pukipuki BJD.  You can find them here.

How is your garden growing?  Sugar and I would love to know.



Happy December!

It’s December!  Yay!  I almost enjoy these casual days preceding the holiday week more than the holiday week itself.  Almost…

I’m still not sure how it’s December already but the calendar tells me it is.  I am making a promise to myself this year that I will enjoy each and every one of these December days of Advent, and not succumb to any feelings of stress.  Easier said than done?  I hope not.

I have finished with Christmas doll ensemble making for this year.  My final sets will be in my little online shop Sunday night at 7:00 pm CST.  Here is a little preview for you.

Lovely and sweet Rose (Boneka/Effner) has a second festive set to show you for the year.    She is dressed in a cotton Japanese print dress with English cotton Cluny lace hemline edging.  A cardigan hand knit in merino/silk lace yarn with bullion heart and lazy daisy neckline embroidery keeps her toasty warm.  A Peruvian Highland wool stocking cap adds the necessary merriment to her look.  And Rose has a gift for you, a tiny Christmas tree with a mother-of-pearl heart for the tippy top.  Won’t you accept Rose’s gift this season?

holiday hugs boneka effner doll clothes 269

Did you know that Amelia Thimble fits in perfectly with 1:12 dollhouse miniatures?  Here she is on an ornament with Ivy from Warm Heart Bears.  They’re just a wee bit adorable, don’t you think?

ivy amelia thimble 318

Amelia Thimble is spreading holiday cheer by jingling her jingle bell whenever she feels like it, which is quite often, I might add.  Between her and Sugar jingling away, my studio has never sounded cheerier.

merry li'l elf amelia thimble doll dress hat set 214

Ivy reluctantly gave Amelia Thimble back her Santa hat; after all it’s part of this hand made set.

merry li'l elf amelia thimble doll dress hat set 225

The jingle bell comes with the set too.  It fits over Amelia’s hand and will not easily slip off.  If you’d like to knit your own tiny dress for your Amelia Thimble or as an ornament, here is the link to the pattern.

Sugar (Fairyland Pukipuki) is looking mighty adorable this year too.  Sugar is pulling a miniature sleigh filled with all kinds and colors of jingling bells.  If you need a bell this year, Sugar has one for you.  Sugar’s ensemble includes her sweater dress and Santa hat. BTW, the jingle bell at the tip of her hat clings to her magnetic palm.

jingle all the way pukipuki doll dress hat set 232

Here is a photo from a previous year just so you can see how much Sugar and Amelia Thimble love one another.  (Sugar also fits in well with miniatures and Christmas ornaments.)

sugar amelia christmas 891

Wishing you all a sweet start to December!  Enjoy, my friends!

“Holiday Hugs” for Rose, “Merry Li’l Elf” for Amelia Thimble, and “Jingle All The Way” for Pukipuki will all be available Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 7:00 pm CST,


“Lovin’ Autumn”

Finally… some sunshine to take photos.  Until this morning, Monday, we haven’t seen the sun since last Wednesday!  It’s been very dark and rainy, and very hard to get some good photos.

I’ve been working on a knitting pattern for ? (it’s a surprise), and taking photos of the steps along the way.  I thought they’d be okay, so kept knitting along.  You know what?  They are all terrible, in the virtual trash those photos will have to go.  Now I have to start knitting another sweater to get (hopefully) better photos.  Since the pattern is written, I can follow it to see if it all makes sense and my counts are accurate.  So, I guess it’s a good thing.  It’s turned into at least an 11 page pattern.  My notes I use when knitting this sweater fill up 1/2 of a page in my 5 x 7 knitting notebook!  See I really do work from gibberish that only I can understand.  lol

So, here is little Sugar, my Fairyland Pukipuki.  I decided I liked the sleeved dress on her after all.  If she’s posed a certain way her arms look fine, I think so anyway.  Isn’t she the cutest little thing!  I never seem to get tired of her sweet face.


Sugar’s a-line elbow length sleeved dress (hand knit in lace weight merino heather) is perfect for fall, no goose bumps on this little girl.  The embroidery on the bodice is a tiny mirrored floral motif and done in colors to coordinate with her leggings.

This cute knit fabric goes so perfectly with her dress.  I still wanted her shoes to fit, so instead of tights made some longish leggings that give the effect of tights.

Of course she found some matching fall blossoms in the woods.  We haven’t had a frost yet, thank goodness, so the flowers are still in bloom.  The silk streamers on her bouquet keep her smiling as they flutter in the breeze.

Now like the bigger girls, Sugar has her very own bangle bracelet with a dangly heart; only Sugar can wear bangle bracelets.





Sugar’s “Lovin’ Autumn” ensemble will be available Tuesday night at 7:00 pm CST,

Thanks for stopping by today!  Bye for now. ❤