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Another New Knitting Pattern!

Wow! Two in a month!  Not a lot of new ensembles made this month, but hey, two new patterns!  I’d say I’ve had a busy month.

My newest pattern is for dear, sweet Patience!  It’s her first, and she’s very excited!

I included Patience’s measurements on the for sale page as well as in the pattern in case you have a doll that might be close to her in size.  I’ve always thought she is about like Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken, not including her head, of course.

patience classic cardigan pattern p1.jpg

Here is the direct link to the pattern.

I hope you all are having a great day today!  It’s a crystal clear sunny, yet cool day here in northern Illinois.


New Knitting Pattern Available

Hi all!  Just a quick bit of news.  Gracie’s (fits Kaye Wiggs 43-45 cm MSD sized BJDs) knitting pattern is now available on my website.   All of the information can be found there as well.

Patsy light cardigan pattern p1

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!