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It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

Hello!  What a beautiful morning we have here in northern Illinois!  It snowed last night, only a tiny bit, but enough to make everything white and beautiful, and oh so peaceful.   The front porch light was on, and it was still dark when I took this photo.  It’s so magical.

snowy morning 339

christmas tree 2017 330

christmas tree 2017 321

And as light comes to the day, so do the birds come for breakfast.

birds 361

birds in trees 355

snowy morning 358

I love learning something new this time of year.  This year sock knitting has caught my interest.  Sock knitting seems like something impossibly hard, so I knew I needed a visual class to learn.  So far this Craftsy class by Susan B. Anderson has taught me Judy’s magic cast on, which is how she starts the sock.  I have the toe completed, and am now knitting away at lengthening the foot.  Slowing down the lessons has helped me a lot, and Susan is very thorough.  I have no doubts that I’ll be able to figure out how to make the whole sock.

sock knitting class 350

This past week I baked another apple crumble.  If you need dessert, like we seem to in our house, this is one of the healthier (Is there such a thing?) ones—lots of apples, oatmeal, nuts, and little sugar.    My recipe is from here, but I keep adapting it.  I found that half the topping seems to work fine for 2 pounds of sliced apples.  We prefer lots of baked apple yumminess and not super sweet—you can eat more that way. 😉

apple crumble 3623

Even though I have no photos to show you, I have been working on dolly things.  One dress needs a new sweater, and one cape/cuddle cap set needs a new dress.  Sometimes things don’t go as planned.

I hope you all have a most festive weekend.  Take it slow, and enjoy every moment.

Ah, it’s snowing again here, big white flakes!  Bye for now, my friends.


Santa’s Helpers

I presently have six different dolls all dressed up in Christmas ensembles, and the poor things have nowhere to go.  How about posing for some photos, girls?  Let’s show everyone how cute you all are.  Say cheese!

Even though all six dolls are of different proportions and sizes, I think they all look adorable together, don’t you, too?

ivy patience sugar millie amelia rose180

While the girls were modeling, I put them to “work” by having them add some Christmas spirit to my studio.  Sugar (Fairyland Pukipuki) and Amelia Thimble brought around the jingle bells so that we all can add our own holiday ring-a-linging.  Patience and Millie (by Kaye Wiggs) made tiny everlasting snowmen, and Rose (Boneka/Effner) brought some  “heart” into the mix.  Ivy, a handmade mohair bear from Warm Heart Bears showed she had some real paper cutting skills.  How cute are those paper snowflakes!  Great job, Ivy!  Even the Christmas stripe-y dachshund carried a wreath for hanging.

We had a fun day today!

Patience’s ensemble (SOLD) and Millie’s ensemble are currently available on my website.  Sugar, Amelia Thimble, and Rose’s will be available this coming weekend and into next week.  Be sure to keep an eye out here and on Facebook if you are interested.

millie rose 187.jpg

I hope that you are enjoying this first week of the holiday season.  I love this time before Christmas; there’s anticipatory magic in the air.


Life gives us so so many things to be thankful for.  On this special holiday, where it’s customary to reflect on those things, I cannot think of one or even a few things, there are so many; just being alive is a huge reason to be thankful.

I’ve had a good week.  My daughter came home from college for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I cannot even express to you what it means having her home.  My biggest wish granted?  Yes, something like that.

I made a simple vegetable soup for her welcome home dinner.  It was so nice to fill three bowls instead of two.  For dessert, I made apple crumble.  She doesn’t get a chance to bake at school and the scent of autumn flavors in the oven… well, there’s nothing like it; it’s pure coziness and deliciousness. Yum!

vegetable soup 3617

apple crumble 3618

I first made this apple crumble recipe for my husband’s birthday a month ago, and this is the fourth time I’ve made it since then.  Do we like it or what!  Well, I’ve been perfecting the recipe. 🙂

I got some work done on my scrappy quilt this week.  Yay!  It’s been awhile since I’ve pulled this out.  For some reason, I now have a system and the piecing went much quicker.

scrappy quilt b 134

It’s getting so large, my husband had to take this photoI am holding the quilt at eye level and it went down to about my mid calves.  I am starting to get excited and want it to be done, don’t think it will sit around as a work-in-progress much longer!

I started running out of scraps, so I am getting into my larger pieces and cutting off bits.  I have so much fabric that I won’t even miss these.

I’ve decided I am going to make a throw size quilt.  I think this size will get the most use.


It’s been a sunny week.  I enjoy watching the feral cats and my chihuahua lay in the sun.  My chihuahua was on the bed a few mornings ago.  There was the tiniest patch of sunshine on it, and he made sure to find it.  The cats, too, spend the sunny days chasing the sun as it moves around the house.

sun worshipping chi 129

ivy millie let it snow 081

We did end up getting wet snowflakes over the weekend.  With Millie’s guidance, Ivy, my Warm Heart Bears mohair bear, cut out some paper snowflakes.  Aren’t they cute together?  We are ready for the first real snowfall.

2017 shoeboxes 126

I made 18 shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse this year.  Collection week is over, but you can still build a shoebox online if you’d like to take part.

I want to share this old photo of a fabric store with you; Joy sent it to me.  Thank you, Joy!  The photo is from about 1889 and was located in the Santa Rosa, California area.  It’s pretty interesting to see how shoppers bought their fabric and notions in those dayshave a seat and anything you’d like to see is brought to you by hard working clerks.  Unfortunately, the store didn’t make it through the 1906 earthquake.


Wishing my readers in the U.S. a very Happy Thanksgiving Day.  I’d love to hear what you are you thankful for today?

And to everyoneenjoy the day!