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Hello, September!  And hello, my friends!  How are you?

early sunrise before storm

It was a stormy day yesterday, Saturday, and a thunderstorm-y rumbly Saturday night/Sunday morning.  At times the rain came down so hard that I wondered where it would go (yes, the storms woke me up).  I was up very early Saturday morning and caught this fleeting yet beautiful sunrise before it got dark and then rainy.  Aren’t the colors gorgeous?

Yesterday I finished up Ann Estelle’s ensemble, “Tiny Dancer”.  Well, almost, I just need to make her a pair of tights.  Here’s a quick photo I took of her.  I think she loves it judging by her happy expression.  Little girls love pink and lilac—big girls too.  These two colors were my grandmother’s favorites.

Ann’s cardigan was knit from my “Light Cardigan” pattern for Patsy and Ann.  I used Knit Picks Aloft in Pennyroyal.  For embellishment, I added some delicate beadwork to the cardigan.  Ann’s dress was made with the teensiest ballerinas that I’ve ever seen.  It’s part of Lecien’s Minny Muu collection.  Ann wears a beaded crocheted headband and holds a tiny crocheted drawstring bag.

tiny dancer 097

I told you about the dyeing I did last weekend.  This past week I started knitting a Simple Yet Effective Cowl designed by Tin Can Knits.  I like long cowls and needed two skeins of DK for this one, so am combining the two blue skeins I dyed.  I am alternating between the two skeins every three rows for a sort of stripey look.  I’m not sure if I’ll like it; it looks very masculine to me, but I will finish it; it just may make a nice basic when the cold weather is here.

simple yet effective cowl 094

Here’s the yarn before I started knitting with it.  It looks so much more colorful.  Something I’ve learned after dyeing a number of skeins is that knitting blends the yarn together so that it looks more muted.  I’ve seen this happen every time.


These are the other three skeins I dyed last week to make the Jodi Shawl by Joji Locatelli.  I want the border to be considerably brighter than the rest, however, I’m thinking this peach won’t be bright enough.  Maybe it will go back in the dye pot for some pink and warm red speckles or splotches.


Oh, and I mentioned trying out avocado pit dyeing.  The tank top sat in the pot for a short time and most of the dye washed right out.  I did want it pastel though.  I’m curious as to how it will wash.  I saved the dye to use again; the shade of pink is a favorite of mine.


Well, that’s all the goings on from around here.  I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to this past week. ❤



Well, Hello!

It’s been so long—I’m not sure where to begin.  You see, I’ve been on a journey—not a journey to a place, but a different kind of journey.  I didn’t know if I wanted to share this here; I, in fact, didn’t think I would (it seems so personal—and strangely, embarrassing), but I’ve been receiving little nudges and hints here and there that it might be the right thing to do.  So here goes…

This past spring I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I always thought I had more control over my health—I kept my weight at a good place, exercised, ate healthy, took my vitamins, read constantly about staying healthy.  I desperately didn’t want to get cancer like my parents and grandmothers.  But alas, I’ve come to realize we are not really in control.  Only God is in control and we must be thankful for each day He gives us, and learn to deal with what each day brings.

In early April I started chemotherapy.  The past three months have been, at times, quite rough.  There were days when the side effects of chemo were unbearable for me.  It’s a strange feeling when there is nothing to help you feel better; when you feel like you cannot possibly make it through the day.  I turned to prayer; I prayed with everything I had, and He was there to help me.  I am still blown away at how I’d simply ask, and He would immediately be right there to help me through those horrible moments.  I’d get through them; I don’t know how He did it, but somehow he did, I’d reach the other side.  Most definitely, this diagnosis has humbled me and strengthened my relationship with God.

So, here I am four weeks since my last treatment and I am feeling great.  My tumor was removed and tested; the cancer hadn’t spread at all which I am of course very, very grateful for.  My grandmother has been my lighthouse of sorts whom I hope to take after.  She was diagnosed at almost the same age as I was and lived a long life afterwards.

I am not totally done with all this.  I still have another surgery in a couple of months (I found out my cancer was hereditary), but it’s preventative surgery, so no more chemo or radiation, only recovery from the surgery.

More than ever I now treasure each day, and each and every person who is a part of my life.  Although it’s been slow going lately, I hope to continue creating and making.

I thank you for staying with me and reading my blog during these sparse creative months.


Rainy Days

Sugar won’t need her sprinkling can today; it’ll be a rain-filled thunderstorming kind of day here in northern Illinois.

Spring Garden 9 cell Collage poemThese dresses are from 2014.  Sugar’s itty bitty everlasting embroidered bulb garden is filled with daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and grape hyacinths.

Sugar is a tiny Fairyland Pukipuki BJD.  You can find them here.

How is your garden growing?  Sugar and I would love to know.