My Mohair/Silk Sweaters and Dresses in Other Colors

Everyone loves this soft and fuzzy yarn, don’t they?  I do, and this is one yarn that I go to again and again throughout the year, it’s season-less.

In addition to my pink and white knits, (you saw those collections last week here and here) I’ve used this yarn to knit sweaters and dresses in dusty lavender, blue green, medium sky blue, golden yellow, tan, and fuchsia.

bitty festive 349 wm

lovely in lavender 178

a lavender rosy garden 906

winter roses 117

Cozy & Bright 2015

garden of roses 611

Bit of Gold 2014

Lovely Lilac 2014

Naturally Pretty 2014

Magenta Garden 2014

A Bouquet for You 2013

My Colorful Garden 2012

flowers for holidays 596

Flowers for Holidays, Tiny Poinsettia, and So Holiday Soft 2013I think that this collection of photos along with last week’s two collections shows everything I’ve made with this yarn.  Now, I think it’s time to look forward, and knit some more with this yarn!

Thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting!  I appreciate it so much!

Bye for now!


Shy, Shy Sun

Day four of waking up to a dark and cloudy morning.  Geez,  enough already!  It looks like the sun may come out today.  Please, sun won’t you peek out from behind the clouds today?

I don’t know about you, but these cloudy days start to pile up on me and leave me feeling tired and drained.  I had a difficult time getting any sewing done yesterday; all I wanted to do is sit in front of the fire and knit, knit, knit.  Today I have to do better.

I thought that looking at sunny photos might help.

you are my sunshine 068

sunshine & posies 427

Sunshine Day 2015

a sunny day 639

Golden Summertime II 2014

bit of gold 250

Golden Summertime 2012

Sunshiny Days 2012

fall sunshine 091

Little Sunflower 2013


Walking on Sunshine 2013


If you’re stuck in the clouds like we are, did that help?  I think it helped me.  Now, to push myself out of this chair, feed the pups, and get moving.  And, I see some clearing in the sky.  Yay!!!

 Hope you have a sunny day today!

Thanks for reading!  Bye for now!

Another Weekend Here and Gone

How did your weekend go?  Mine flew by.

Yesterday afternoon I drove the short distance to the nearest forest preserve.  I wanted to see how fall was progressing in nature (and get some exercise).  As you can see from my photos things are still pretty green.  I wanted to photograph the wild dark purple asters and lavender monarda, but the battery on my phone died before I could capture those.

I captured some white asters.

sun lake 2075_2And milkweed…

sun lake 2077

sun lake 2078_2This is all forest preserve land.

sun lake 2081Sometimes trees become natural art sculptures; I always like to capture those.

sun lake 2079_2In my studio, I knit another Santa hat, started embroidering Pukipuki’s Christmas dress, finished up a fun ensemble for Gina, and Millie picked out her Christmas dress fabric.

wip 10-05-15 370

wip 10-05-15 368Hope you all have a perfect week!

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Hang Onto Your Hat!

I don’t like hats on myself, never have and probably never will.  I think from the moment I could take them off of myself, I probably did.  The only way that I would cover my head and ears in the coldest weather was with a hood on my coat, so my mom made sure that all of my coats had hoods.  Luckily, my dolls will wear whatever I put on them, and they look adorable in hats, I think.

These are my all-time favorite fall/winter hats that I’ve made for my dolls.  Sorry, some of them you probably saw yesterday.


Also, I have one of my Pinterest board this morning (hat inspiration) that I’d like to share with you.

Here is my Pinterest board.

These days I will wear a hat, but only if I am going on a long walk and it is too cold for a headband.  What about you, are you a hat person?

Bye for now!


Sweater Weather is Here

Blustery, Cloudy, Cool!  This is our weekend weather forecast for northern Illinois.  I don’t mind—it’s sweater weather!

I went through my older photos and found my warmest looking fall sweaters.  Most of these are knit with a fingering weight Peruvian Highland wool.

These tiny sweater were all made for Kish’s little BJD, Lisbet.  She came before Amelia Thimble and is slightly larger.  I hand dyed all (except natural, of course) of the lace yarn (merino/silk) in fall colors.

Bethany’s sweater was knit with a Sport weight wool to make an even warmer sweater for chilly fall weather.

This striped sweater for Patsy was a “weaving in ends” project, but I love how it turned out.

Fall is Colored Brightly 742

Gina’s natural colored sweater was knit with a fingering weight wool/angora yarn.

orange you ready for fall 141

If it’s cool where you are I hope these photos warmed you up a bit.

Cozy fall weekend wishes to everyone in this half of the world!

Bye for now and thank you for reading along.



A Photoshop Elements Trick That I Often Use

Today I thought I’d share a little Photoshop Elements retouch trick that I use to warm up my doll’s skin tone.  I take my indoor photos with a variety of lighting going on in the room:  natural, fluorescent, and a studio light.  The season, time of day, colors in the outfit, and doll’s skin tone will all affect the feel of a photo.  I often get photos that seem greenish, which I don’t like.  Often a tiny tweak will take a greenish skin tone and make the doll look warm and healthy without affecting the colors in the outfit.

First of all, I am NOT in any way a Photoshop Elements expert.  I know what I know to get the job done, and that’s it.  Secondly, my Photoshop Elements is number 6 and I think they are up to number 14, so my version may be quite a bit older than yours is.  Also, my screen shots may look different if you have a different version, but hopefully the newer version will still have the same capabilities.

Here are some before and after photos.

Here is Talyssa wearing green.  Since red and green are opposite (complimentary) each other on the color wheel, tweaking this photo to make Talyssa rosier starts to muddy her green sweater, so very little can be done here.  The first photo (untouched) is closer to the real colors, however you can see she looks quite sallow, her skin is very ivory.  Talyssa is always my hardest doll to photograph.  I move her around a lot because I may find she looks better in a different location.  The best photos I took of her were in front of the Christmas tree; I’m looking forward to getting that up again for her photos.  Also, outdoor light doesn’t look too bad either.

Since the springtime, when I thought the magnolia blossoms would be pretty with Patience’s similar colored cardigan, I’ve been taking most photos outdoors.  I use Auto White Balance set in my camera and have found that outdoor photos need much less help, especially if taken when the light is warm outside.  BTW, for indoor photos I set my white color balance to a piece of glossy white photo paper.

Here are the screen shots of the steps involved, so you can try this out if you’d like.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 7.57.08 AMUnder the Enhance tab you’ll see adjust color with an arrow, go to adjust color for skin tone and this window will open up.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 7.57.42 AMYour cursor will turn into an eyedropper.  Place it over an arm or any part of the doll’s skin and click.  The photo will color correct.  You can them play with the sliders.  I will often use the ambient light slider and go very slightly cooler or warmer.  You can always reset (or don’t save photo) if something strange happens.

There you go, something new for you to learn today (if you want to).  :)

Have a great Friday!


Still Learning DPNs and Having Fun

I spent the bulk of the day yesterday working on my DPNs.  I stopped knitting the hat I showed you yesterday and decided to learn the invisible cast on technique so I could knit from the top down.

You are probably wondering why.  Good question and I have a good answer.  That white mohair, while so beautiful for its fuzziness, tends to get knitted in with the red wool.  It is so fuzzy that for nearly 10+ rows after changing to my red wool I am still trying to get it to stay out of my red stitches.  Truthfully, it is nearly impossible to do this 100% and that bothers me if it is avoidable, and it is; the solution is to knit with the white mohair last.

Okay, so that meant learning the invisible cast on.  The first thing trying to learn this new cast on taught me is that I am not very coordinated, and I don’t have a photographic memory in the least.  I watched the tutorial again and again and again.  Hmm, where have I heard those words before?  There are four needle movements for every two stitches cast on.  Finally, I had to write out a cheat sheet and I was then able to perform the steps four times to get 8 stitches cast on.  I won’t lie, it probably took me an entire hour to get this.  And then, I kept on practicing it throughout the day to get it down better.

You probably have no idea what my notes mean, but it was all I needed to get this down, sort of.

invisible cast on notes 350And, after a day and evening of knitting this is what I made for my Little Darling, Gina!

dpn santa hat 344

dpn santa hat 348Here’s my Santa hat, my first DPN project!  I had the pom pom left over from last year, so I pinned it on where the one that will match this outfit will go.

For next time, I will use a rewritten pattern to make it a bit longer with a wider “fur” trim band.  I also don’t like knitting garter in the round because it involves purling in the round, which I am not comfortable doing, so I will probably knit that part flat and make a short seam for that area.  I found pics of garter stitch in the round and it looks seamed anyway.

Oh, Happy October everyone!  It really feels fall-ish here todyay, very breezy and cool with  puffy white and dark clouds moving rapidly across the sky, but it’s mostly sunny; it’s a very perfect fall day in my opinion.  And, the moon is still out at almost 10:00 am!

Thanks for reading and big thank yous for your comments.  I love reading them and commenting back.  I work by myself all day (except for my dogs, of course), so it is so nice to connect with my readers.

Bye for now!

Knitting on DPNs

I have tried and tried and tried to knit in the round on double pointed needles.  Finally, I got IT!  Yay, yay, yay!  Does anyone else have trouble with this seemingly simple and elementary knitting skill?

Every time I would try, I’d have needles going every which way; I couldn’t make out what was what, it was a mess, but no more!  Look!

dpn santa hat 341

dpn santa hat 343

dpn santa hat 342

Just in case someone else is having similar difficulties this is what worked for me, or should I say my DPN story.  Ha ha!

Yesterday morning I purchased a Craftsy class called, New Directions in Lace Hats, by Kate Gagnon Osborne and Courtney Kelley.  Courtney was showing a lesson on how to start a hat from the top down which meant using double pointed needles.  I was following along with her method and realized that I had never tried casting onto one needle and then moving the stitches to four.  This was really easy to do and she shows us how.  This eliminated the click clackety mess of needles while casting on, and spreading out my stitches onto four needles instead of three gave more space around and made it easier for me.  (The fifth needle is for knitting the stitches on.)  I did need to go to You Tube and watch Very Pink’s video on Getting Started with DPNs to go from here, but these two videos together made it all work for me.  Thank you so, so much Courtney and Staci!!!

Here are a few more things about this Craftsy class, just in case you are interested.  It comes with three lace hat patterns which are quite pretty.  I am not a hat person, but my dolls are.  There are also a few more things that I think I can learn from this class.  I need to go back to study (and practice) Courtney’s invisible cast on for starting hats from the top down.  It looks like a great technique.  If you crochet, it’s like the adjustable ring or loop.  She also goes into how to increase and decrease within a lace pattern.  I’ve always wondered about how that works while keeping the pattern flowing.  In my opinion, this class was well worth the $14.99 (on sale!) I paid for it.

Now, I want to get back to knitting and finish my hat!  BTW, who knows what this will be?

Do you have a DPN story?

Bye for now and thanks for reading!

One More Fall Ensemble

I have one more fall ensemble and my Little Darling, Gina, is the lucky recipient before I go full steam ahead and create ensembles for Christmas and the holiday season.

I guess fall 2015 is the season of purples.  Here’s another ensemble with a shade of lavender and pink, but this one is different.  I don’t think I have ever seen a pink like this—cool, but muted.  Usually, muted pinks go towards the peach and this one doesn’t at all, nor is it a sweet pink.  It is so hard to explain; if I were to mix it up I’d take red and white to make pure pink, add a touch of blue to cool it down,  then add a bit of yellow, so it becomes a neutral.  Anyway, it is a very pretty and unique shade of pink.

I happened to have the perfect shade of muted lavender wool which matches the stems and vines in the print.  For the embroidery, I brought in the merlot color for the colonial knot berries and a coordinating shade of the pink for the bullion, lazy daisy, and back stitched vines and leaves.

I also had the perfectly coordinating shade of merlot heather wool to make a cozy scarf.  The scarf can be worn different ways.

Gina didn’t want flowers to hold, she wanted a soft and cuddly teddy bear, so I found this one in a burgundy red and knit him up his own muted lavender scarf with fringe.  The scarf is removable too.

sweet 'n cozy fall 271This print is very feminine, so lace accents and pearls went nicely with it.

sweet 'n cozy fall 261

sweet 'n cozy fall 301

sweet 'n cozy fall 271

sweet 'n cozy fall 278

sweet 'n cozy fall 287For more information on Gina’s “Sweet ‘n Cozy Fall”, please visit my “Available for Sale” page at .

Thanks for visiting and reading about Gina’s new ensemble.  Bye for now!

I Am Ready to Be Creative Today!

I straightened up a bit in my studio yesterday, and I do feel better, more relaxed.  I like things to be put away in their place, but I am finding that a lot of creative people thrive with things left out in the open.  It is so interesting to see how everyone is different, right?

Gretchen Rubin, an author who writes, makes video and podcasts (LOVE her podcast, BTW) about happiness and healthy habits often says, “Outer Order Contributes to Inner Calm”.  This saying fits me, most definitely.  I need to be calm and relaxed in order to be creative.  When there is too much clutter I cannot think clearly or create.

It probably looks boring, but I will mess it up again soon, I promise.

09-28-15 327My Bo Bergemann, BJD Bella told the naked Izzy to go get herself some clothes on and poor Lisbet went into her box waiting for her lips to be repainted (some day).  In the meantime, she found a little Kelly doll dressed as a fairy for Halloween.  I dressed Bella in her only other outfit, but she doesn’t remember it, so she thinks it is new.

09-28-15 321My fabric is still towering, but not as much, and is in a neat stack.  I left the Christmas pieces on the top of the pile since I will be using this next.

09-28-15 317My embroidery floss is all put away in its correct color group and in numerical order, so I can find it quickly!

09-28-15 floss 313

09-28-25 314Kish’s Alisha and Tonner’s Lilah (Ann Estelle’s little sister) are dressed for fall.  I kept teddy on the rocking chair, but put away the spring hats and gave him a few pumpkins.

09-28-15 316

Wonder how long things will stay this neat, a day, a week?

Do you thrive with clutter or neatness?

Thanks for reading along.  Have a great Monday!