“Autumn Glow”

I am noticing that the light is changing as summer winds down and autumn approaches.  The temperature/hue of it seems warmer, more golden, cozier, softer.  Do you notice it too?

The fabric I used for Patience’s new dress reminds me of the change in the light.

autumn glow 151

autumn glow 170

Patience’s cotton dress is made with a warm pink/muted salmon Japanese fabric.  The roses are in a deep ivory with fine warm rusty brown shading.  The skirt is embellished with ivory English cotton Cluny lace.

autumn glow 199

autumn glow 202

This fabric is still very much in the pink family as pastel warm pink accessories look perfect with it.  Patience’s crocheted mesh drawstring bag is made with warm pink cotton thread.  The bottom of the bag is decorated with an ivory resin rose bead.  I hand beaded a sepal around the base of the rose with coordinating Delica beads.  The bag opens and closes with self handles.  Inside her bag is a fringed edge cotton lawn hanky pressed into triangles.  The bracelet is made with the same Delica beads and a smaller rose than the one used for the bag.  Patience’s hand made headband is an asymmetrical cluster of blossoms/pearls sewn onto a warm pink length of crochet.  Ivory tights complete the accessories.

autumn glow 215

autumn glow 223

Patience’s hand knit cardigan is made with lace weight merino/silk yarn in ivory.  Coordinating and mirrored motifs are hand embroidered on the front.  The cardigan can be worn unbuttoned or buttoned with ivory glass pearl beads.

autumn glow 194

autumn glow 164

autumn glow 183

Patience’s “Autumn Glow” ensemble will be available tonight (August 20, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.




“Putterday” Saturday

Yep, that about sums up the day.  I puttered around the house doing this and that.  One little thing I did this morning was some straightening in my studio.  I found a few things that I no longer need, maybe you do?

The following three photos show those things.  They are free to a good home if you pay the cost of Priority shipping + PayPal fees (to US addresses only).  You can guesstimate the cost of shipping;  I added the weight of the item on the photo.  First come, first served for these.  Send me an email (if you have my address), or fill out the contact form on my website.  You’ll need a PayPal account, so I can send you an invoice for the shipping and PayPal fees.

ann estelle clothing 228

Clothes and shoes have been claimed.

ann estelle shoes 229

Ribbon still available.

trims 231

While I was inside destashing and straightening, my husband did some pruning of our shrubbery.  I thought the magnolia branches were so pretty, such a shame they should all end up in the fire pit.  I added them to my cranberry colored hurricanes on the buffet.  Not sure how long they’ll last in the house, but they look nice now.  Hopefully, I didn’t also bring in bugs.

buffet tablescape 233

I also snapped up a few boxwood branches; I know these will last for weeks and weeks in water.    There’s nothing like real greenery brought inside the house, is there?

cut boxwood branches 235

My daughter and I planted these tiny succulents on my birthday last month.  (I haven’t killed them yet.)  I purchased a moisture meter so that I won’t overwater them.  This pot of succulents reminds me of her, and something we did together on my birthday. ❤

succulent planter 240

I’ve been having wrist pain on and off this year, beginnings of carpal tunnel, I think.   Knitting and using the keyboard make it worse, as does sleeping.  Yes, I said knitting (perhaps my favorite thing to do)! 😦 I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that yet, but I purchased a slanted laptop stand to make using my laptop more ergonomic.  I’m also sleeping with a brace on my right hand.

laptop stand 241

I’ll have Patience’s new ensemble to show you tomorrow.  The pattern for her cardigan will be ready a day or two later.

Bye for now, my friends.