March is Coming in Like a Polar Bear…Brrrr, Cold!

Oh, yes, it is!

Doesn’t spring seem like it will never, ever happen?  This winter has felt exceptionally long to me.  To you, too?

march is coming in like a polar bear 609This morning the snow was coming down in such big flakes it looked like someone from above was tearing up Kleenex tissue and dropping it from the sky.  After Mother Nature decided we had had enough snow she gave us some sleet.  I admit It was kind of interesting listening to the sleet crackle as it hit the snow, but then I didn’t have to drive in it.

My poor little chihuahua did NOT like the feel of that sharp stuff on his delicate little legs.  He looked so bewildered as he stepped in the snow and expected it to be soft as it always is.  Poor guy.

march snow 722

My “big” feet next to tiny chihuahua prints.

The critters got busy filling up their little tummies this morning.  We have at least two grey and three black squirrels that visit our feeder.  One of the grey squirrels seems to be the bully of the bunch as he is always doing the chasing.  I caught him chasing one of the black squirrels up a tree.  (It was a lucky shot, these guys move so fast!)

march snow 711

march snow 719And…here is the grey “bully” squirrel with the feeder all to himself while the birds patiently wait for their turn.

We get lots of cardinals here in northern Illinois.  Their coloring looks so beautiful on these dreary days.

march snow 708

march snow 720

We’re supposed to have a record breaking cold spell this week too.  Ugh!  Hope you’re having nicer weather than we are.

Where are you spring?

Roses First Bloom

When I had a rose garden the first bloom cycle in the spring was the most abundant and beautiful.  It seemed like every rose bush was in bloom at the same time.  This year I would love to catch this first bloom at one (or all) of the rose garden I often visit.  I’ll admit that right now with snow on the ground and frigid air whipping up the snow outside roses blooming in a garden seem like a very distant happening.

It is so rewarding that I can make roses bloom in my studio whenever I wish.  This past week I made Kaye Wiggs Millie this very rosy ensemble.  Not only is Millie a smaller BJD she is also petite so this small rose print worked perfectly for her.  Her cardigan is wooly and warm, but is also colorful, and sure to brighten up your world.

springtime brings roses 670

springtime brings roses 679

springtime brings roses 677

springtime brings roses 661

springtime brings roses 668

springtime brings roses 639

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Blue Roses for a Blue Lady

For some reason the words to the song “Red Roses for a Blue Lady” kept going through my mind as I worked on this ensemble; only I had the title wrong.  I thought it was “Blue Roses for a Blue Lady”.  Funny, huh?

I wasn’t even born when this song was first released in 1948, and when it became popular again in 1965, I was very young.  I do remember hearing it, although, I have no idea who the vocalist was when it was being played on the radio.  For some reason, the song’s melody and the (wrong) words have stuck with me all these years.

Although blue roses are not found in nature, they would be so beautiful if they were.  In 2004, a white rose was genetically engineered to make a blue rose, but it is more of a mauve color than a blue color.  Roses that look like blue roses are actually made by dyeing white roses.

My Little Darling Gina loves her new spring ensemble featuring a print of sky blue roses.  Yes, they don’t exist in nature, but who cares.  This fabric print is so adorable in blue.  I know my grandmother had pillowcases with blue roses.  I might even have a couple of her’s in my linen closet.

There was just a hint of red violet in this print to pick it out and add some extra color to this springtime ensemble for the Little Darlings.

blue roses for a sweet li'l lady 514

blue roses for a sweet li'l lady 484

blue roses for a sweet li'l lady 40

blue roses for a sweet li'l lady 462

blue roses for a sweet li'l lady 477I found this tiny glass bunny bead that has a red violet nose in my drawer of charms.  I thought that it’s the perfect finishing touch to Gina’s new ensemble.

After I wrote this post, I went looking to see if I indeed had a blue rose pillowcase from Grandma.  Look what I found!

blue rose pillowcase 506

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Busy-ness in the Studio

Yesterday was a typically busy day in my studio.  The pretty snowfall prompted me to start taking a few pictures and I found myself picking up my camera on and off all day long.  Thought I’d share with you a few pictures from my day yesterday.

daily 22415 535

The early morning snowfall didn’t amount to anything, but was it was so peaceful to watch the snow float down to the ground.

daily 22415 540

Later on the sun came out and cast some shadows onto my newly knitted Little Darling sweater drying on the blocking board.

daily 22415 518

I finished up a little dress for Kaye Wiggs Millie and enjoyed a mid morning “cappuccino” in one of my favorite mugs.

daily 22415 538

daily 22415 547

Another sweater made it to my blocking board today.

daily 22415 550

My cluttered desk got cleaned up in the evening.

I had a most productive and typical day yesterday.  Today, I plan on embroidering sweaters, or starting to anyway.  I don’t think they will get finished today, but I will try.

Wishing you all a productive day!


Patience in Purple Roses

Do you know the meaning of purple roses?  I must confess that I didn’t even think purple roses actually existed so I googled purple roses and read about them here.  They are real, a human invention, but they do exist.

Purple roses convey enchantment and enthrallment which is definitely how I felt about Patience the very first time I caught a glimpse of her.  Who better to wear my new doll ensemble featuring this beautiful fabric of purple roses.

passion for purple roses 305

Even though the word enchantment by definition can be fleeting, I am still much enchanted with Patience, aren’t you?

passion for purple roses 325

passion for purple roses 301

passion for purple roses 382

passion for purple roses 314

passion for purple roses 310

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More Springlike Thoughts Coming Your Way

Little Amelia Thimble is here today to bring you a bit of springlike cheer.  Sorry, but a bit is all she can bring being that she is only 4 inches tall.  Nevertheless, I’ll take every tiny bit of springlike cheer that comes my way.

blushing pink roses 249

Ah, do you notice a theme here?  We’ve got more pink and blue today.

blushing pink roses 265

blushing pink roses 267

blushing pink roses 258

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Some Springtime Thoughts for the Winter Weary

Are you tired of winter?  I am, most definitely.  It’s hard when you think you’ve gotten through the bulk of it (January, it’s the worst, right?) and here comes February and shows you that winter hasn’t even started yet.

I know that here in Illinois we shouldn’t be complaining.  Compared to those that live out east we’ve practically gotten off Scott-free.  Nevertheless, I am tired of the cold and snow.

I have had a busy week and a half working on more springlike outfits for the Little Darlings, Patience, and Amelia Thimble.  So, I continue to create my own garden here inside with pretty fabrics, colorful thread and yarn, and various kinds of needles.  I have everything I need here in my small studio to invent a bit of spring when there isn’t anything at all outside except snow… and more snow.

I cannot help thinking that since we are on the back side of February this all has to be over soon, right?  We can only hope.

After a busy day yesterday spent photographing, editing, and updating sites I have something new to show you for the Little Darlings and I promise it is very springlike.

I love pink and blue and often wonder which is my favorite color.  I never can decide.  I think that I love them both equally which is why I so enjoyed creating this outfit.  It is a lot of pink and a lot of blue!

pretty in pink with blue too 336

pretty in pink with blue too 348

pretty in pink with blue too 362

pretty in pink with blue too 378

pretty in pink with blue too 353

pretty in pink with blue too 360

What about you, do you like pink or blue?

A huge apology is due here.  This set for the Little Darlings got mistakenly published on my website last night so is no longer available for sale.  So, so sorry!!!  I am definitely red faced this morning.  I hope you enjoyed the springtime photos anyway.

On a Roll

I’ve been so busy starting projects in the last week or so with nothing really getting finished.  In the end, I think more projects get finished this way, but the time in between the “starting and finishing” stages seems to go on and on…  and on.

Well, yesterday brought me to the “finished” stage on a few new ensembles and today I am finishing up another small set for Amelia Thimble.  Then, lots of pictures need to be taken.

I don’t want to leave you with a picture-less post so here are Gina, Amelia, and Patience waiting for the photo shoot to begin.

dressed and waiting 245

Winter Flowers

I know there are no flowers blooming outside where I live in Illinois right now.  However, there are flowers blooming here in my studio.  I love being able to create my own gardens and I love  sharing them with all of you.

Amelia Thimble is my little flower girl today.  She has two flower filled sets to show you.  I decided to change it up a bit and make both of these sets in understated palettes of color.

winter bouquet 209

winter bouquet b 185

winter roses 124

winter roses 117

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