“An Autumn Rose”

Summer is winding down.  Do you feel it where you live?  Boy, did I feel it this yesterday morning!  I wanted to take a few more pictures of Talyssa modeling her new ensemble and I couldn’t wait to get back inside, although it probably didn’t help that I was barefoot!

an autumn rose 551

an autumn rose 581

Talyssa’s sweater is knit with Knitpicks Diadem.  It is a single ply yarn which I found to be quite a challenge to knit with.  The threads in each strand of yarn did not want to stay together (and there were a lot of ultra fine silk strands), so I had to be extra careful to get all of it on my needle with each stitch.  It did get easier as I progressed, but knitting this sweater probably took twice as long as it would have with a plied yarn.  On the plus side, this yarn is very silky and soft; it is made with mulberry silk/baby alpaca fibers.  The photos don’t show how the sweater shimmers and shines.

an autumn rose 561

an autumn rose 552

The headband can be worn like an ear warmer or like a typical headband.  Talyssa is modeling it both ways.

an autumn rose 574

an autumn rose 544I really enjoy fall, but the end of summer always makes me feel a bit melancholy.  How does the end of summer make you feel?

For more information on Talyssa’s “An Autumn Rose” ensemble, please visit my “Available for Sale” page at cindyricedesigns.com .


This Past Week & Looking Ahead

I wonder… do your days and weeks fly by fast, fast, fast?  I try to hold onto each day, but it just seems to slip through my fingers before I can get a hold of it, and before I know it the entire week is over.

So, I am wondering, what did I accomplish this week that is out of the ordinary?  Anything?  Well, here are a few things that happened… ordinary or not.

This week I added a link to my Instagram account.  The link is located within the right column’s paragraph below my photo right here on this blog.  I am trying to keep my Instagram photos casual and different than those you will see elsewhere, so you might want to follow me, or if you don’t have an Instagram account you can click that link every now and then to see what I am up to.  Here is the link to my Instagram account too.  My Instagram is still very small and new, but everything takes time, right?  I only have 5 followers right now, so if you follow me I will greatly appreciate it!

I spent the entire day on Thursday photographing my next set of dolls that are looking for new homes.  There will be 5 of them on eBay tonight and will start as the other two auctions are ending.  Thanks to everyone who is willing to bring my dolls into their homes; it helps me a lot knowing where they will be going.  Here are a few preview photos.

tamsin 423Kish Tamsin is one of Helen’s bent leg vinyl babies who fit nicely with the 14″ Chrysalis girls.  She was very attached to Song (who is up for adoption now) and spent her time in Song’s lap while living with me.  Wish I had a photo to show you of the two of them together, they were so cute.

tamsin 444

avery 461I have 5 Riley and friends dolls.  My daughter has fond memories of Riley and Tulah, so I am keeping those two dolls.  I have decided to part with Avery, Zsu Zse, and Anjali.  All three have had a successful modeling career with me, so are used dolls and quite nude as their outfits are long gone. It was very heart breaking to me was when I pulled Avery from her storage box and saw that one of her thumbs had a brownish stain.  I have no idea where that came from and had never seen it on her before.  Boo hoo, poor thing!  A little doll manicure is what she needs.

avery 453Aside from a few rubs on their vinyl, Zsu Zse and Anjali are in good shape.  Their hair has been taken out of pigtails and braids, but can be put back to its original style.

zsu zse 477

anjali 471My last doll that I am putting up for adoption this week is the only doll that I have ever bought from a local doll shop, long since closed; all my other dolls have been purchased online.  It is funny, but when I purchased her I had no idea what her body would be like underneath that rabbit costume.  The costume was stuffed with fiberfill and it looked like she was a stuffie with a vinyl head and hands, but I bought her anyway.  She is the 12-1/2″ White Rabbit doll, companion to the 16″ Alice in Wonderland from 1996.  Now that I have read Helen Kish:  The Artist and Her Dolls by Louise Fecher, I know that The White Rabbit is part of Helen’s first multi-jointed vinyl dolls and is the Jesse sculpt (a boy doll).  I made a few dresses for this doll, but mainly used her (or him) as the Easter Bunny for the Riley and friends line.  Oh, Kish and Company graciously restrung her for me a while back, so her elastic is nice and fresh.

white rabbit 505White Rabbit’s 2-piece bunny costume is made out of a nice wool felt and has a fluffy bunny tail.  I didn’t use the vest when White Rabbit was acting as the Easter Bunny.

white rabbit 490To be taken to my eBay “items for sale” page click to the photo in the right column.  These 5 dolls will be available for bidding at 9:00 pm CST, tonight.

Also this week, I finished knitting Talyssa’s sweater in Diadem, a super luxurious (mulberry silk/baby alpaca) single ply yarn, and yesterday I completed the embroidery on it.  Working with a single ply yarn did get easier after I got used to it, but I cannot say that I would buy more single plied yarn.  It is very slow going as you have to be careful to catch all of those threads with every stitch.  With multi-plied yarn each strand is twisted together, so it tends to stick together.  On the plus side, the sweater is very soft and slightly fluffy with a beautiful sheen from the silk.  Her new ensemble will be available very soon.



I have to share this one last photo with you.  It was about 7:00 in the morning and this little bunny was enjoying an apple that had fallen from our apple tree.  I had to take this photo from inside the house, so I didn’t scare it.  It had already seen me however, and had stopped munching.


Wishing you all a great week!

“Pretty for Fall” or Anytime

My latest ensemble for Gina can be worn anytime, I think.  The color palette is slightly muted and it includes a beret which are fall-ish elements, but you can replace the beret with a hair ribbon and the boots with a pair of shoes and this ensemble could be worn in the spring, couldn’t it?

pretty for fall 384

pretty for fall 388

pretty for fall 378The sweater and hat set are knit with lace weight natural colored merino wool yarn.  I added white glass pearls for the buttons which tie in nicely with the warm white lace.  The lace is a fine cotton Cluny lace that was made in England.  The ribbons are rayon and were hand dyed along with the tights.

pretty for fall 414I used four shades of rosy salmon colored embroidery thread for the roses with a touch of muted aqua-y blue to embroider the colonial knots.

pretty for fall 402I realized after the photo shoot was over Gina’s pretty pink tights were hidden because of her boots and the angle of my shots.  You can see a bit of them in the above photo.

Gina looks so sweet looking up at me.

pretty for fall 1876For more information on Gina’s “Pretty for Fall” ensemble, please visit the “Available for Sale” page at cindyricedesigns.com .

Doll Downsizing Continues

This past week I got together my next dolls that are looking for new homes and got some photos taken of them.  I decided to put these next two on eBay at the same time since they are the same kind of doll.  I have my 14″ Chrysalis Urban Song and Lark Little Lady up for adoption.  I am keeping my Chasing Butterflies Piper for now.

lark 277

Lark has the most beautifully colored strawberry blonde mohair wig.  When I received her I wanted her to look more contemporary, so I made her tendrils into bangs.  I did have her hair curled into tighter curls at one time, but now only the waves remain.

Here she is holding a pose.

lark 275

lark 269

Song has spent a lot of time with Tamsin watching me sew, knit, crochet, and embroider.  Tamsin will be up for adoption later, but here is Song.

song 322

song 327Song picked up a tiny beauty mark next to her lip.  One of the perils of being a doll, I guess.  I love this closeup of her face.  We can really see how her face was painted.  (No, Helen didn’t paint her.)  Doesn’t it look simple to do?  Well, maybe not.

song 321

song 323

Here are a couple more shots of Lark.  She was NOT painted by Helen either.

lark 276

Such a cute little profile.

lark 274

So, if you think that you would maybe like to bring either (or both) of these sweethearts into your home click on the photo in the right column to be taken to my eBay page where you can enter a bid, if you wish.  (After 9:00 pm, CST)  Sorry, only US shipping for these two.

Just “A Glimpse of Fall”

After all it is still summer, so a glimpse or a little peek is just enough for now.

First off, I would like to offer my apologies to all those who sent me a contact form requesting to purchase “Pink ‘n Plum” for the Little Darlings last week.  There was a flurry of activity going on at home right when I was publishing my website and blog post.  So, between the guilt of wanting to help put away the groceries and get “Pink ‘n Plum” published for 7:00 as promised, I forgot to hit the publish button after marking the ensemble “Sold”.  I promise to do better next time.

Without further ado, here is Millie to show you her “A Glimpse of Fall” ensemble.

Millie and I had a very quick photo shoot on Friday.  It was VERY warm and I didn’t want her to get overheated in her hat and scarf.  Millie is so photogenic that it didn’t take long at all to get some great shots of her.

a glimpse of fall 353Millie’s hand knit accessories (beret and scarf) are made in a beautiful grape colored heathered merino lace weight yarn.  Her cardigan is in the same type of yarn, but in a natural color.

a glimpse of fall 340

a glimpse of fall 369

a glimpse of fall 362

a glimpse of fall 366

Even though Millie looks adorable in her hand knit accessories, I sincerely hope that they aren’t needed for a while.

a glimpse of fall 338

For more information on Millie’s “A Glimpse of Fall” ensemble, please visit the “Available for Sale” page at cindyricedesigns.com .


Do You Like “Pink ‘n Plum”?

So, how do you feel about this color combination for fall?  I personally love pink and plum together.  I can appreciate the usual muted (or less intense) fall colors of russet, gold, brown, and pumpkin, but I sure do miss pinks and purples that are hard to find this time of year.  Since plum is a muted color, I think it works rather nicely for this season.

At the end of July I pulled together some early fall-ish feeling fabrics and the color plum is present in a lot of them.  Yay!  I can get inspired here.

fall fabric 999Since I pulled out these fabrics I have been moving right along with my early fall ensembles.  Patience’s last ensemble, “Lovely in Lavender” came from the fabric that is third from the right and Gina’s new “Pink ‘n Plum” ensemble is made from the fabric that is first on the right.  I am also currently making something for Millie with the tiny purple rose print that is third from the left.

Here is my little princess, Gina modeling “Pink ‘n Plum” for you.

pink 'n plum 306Gina’s hand knit cardigan is made with lace weight mohair/silk yarn to produce a sweater that is oh, so soft and light as a feather.  The bullion stitched rose bouquet motifs are mirrored which gives a more formal feel to this tiny piece.pink 'n plum 302

pink 'n plum 294

Hand dyed rayon ribbon and fine English cotton Cluny lace add decorative touches to this simple dress.

pink 'n plum 244

pink 'n plum 308For more information on my Little Darling, Gina’s, “Pink ‘n Plum” ensemble please visit my “Available for Sale” page at cindyricedesigns.com .

Some News and Thanks

Firstly, thank you to all who commented and read my last post “Too Many…Dolls”!  I read each and every comment thoughtfully and you all have helped me start this process, so thank you so much.

I started with making a (tentative) list of those dolls that I think I would like to sell.  Maybe I will add more later and maybe some of these I will keep, not sure yet.  It will be a continual process, I think.  Yesterday evening I took photos of my first two dolls that I know I would like to go to new homes and even got one listed on eBay.

I added an eBay link in the right column.  You can click on the photo and go right to my eBay “for sale” page.

It feels GREAT to make a start!

18 ann estelle 255

18 ann estelle 261If you’d like to see Ann’s eBay listing, click on her photo in the right column.  Sorry, but I am only shipping within the US.

Now, I would like to get a bit of sewing done today.

I hope all of you have a wonderful and productive Monday!

Too Many… Dolls!

For me, that is.  In the course of one day I suddenly decided that I NEED to get rid of the dolls that I am not making outfits for.  Well, some of the them anyway.  I guess the ones that I know I will never make anything for really should find new homes.

A couple of (maybe a few) years ago I sold the first 14″ Kish Chrysalis doll (Grace), two of Ann Estelle’s friends (Gracie and Georgia), and Marley Wentworth; it was fine.  Of course it was fine.  Look at the dolls I still have!  I still have three other 14″ Kish Chrysalis dolls, 10″ Ann Estelle and Sophie.  I also have a large Ann Estelle and Lilah (10″ Ann Estelle’s sister).  I have lots of other Kish dolls:  Tamsin, Alisha, four Riley sized: Riley, Tulah, Zsu Zse, and Avery, three of the small babies:  Ellery, Jessamyn, and Miki, a Lisbet (who needs a new lip repaint).  Two BJD dolls, a Bo Bergemann Dream Doll and a Pamela Macy Remy are also sitting around.  These are all dolls that I do not actively sew for.

In addition to these dolls, I have huge cartons filled with NRFB Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, and Kelly dolls.  Most of these are from the 1990s.

I am not a collector in the sense that one thinks of as a collector because I just don’t like to have a lot of things around. (And, it’s taken me many years to learn this about myself.)  The one exception to this is my creative supplies:  fabric, yarn, beads, etc.  Having those “things” around sparks, not saps, my energy.  These extra dolls are sapping my creative energy.

Really… already!  I need to destash, declutter, downsize, or whatever it is called.

I snapped this photo yesterday of my 18″ Ann Estelle whom I’ve had since 2003.  She is the largest in my “doll collection”.  Poor, poor Ann gets no attention whatsoever.  She has such a sweet face, doesn’t she?

ann estelle 18" 230Comments, please!  Any thoughts you might have will help.  Please!  I need words of wisdom (or just simple words) on how to start, so I can move on.

Patience is “Lovely in Lavender”

As summer starts to wind down, I am starting to turn towards a fall-ish palette with my new ensembles.  I know that I am probably ahead of schedule, but I am always thinking 6-8 weeks ahead of the current date, so I am already designing for September/October.  Thank goodness though, when I look outside it is still summer.  :) :) :) Hopefully the weather will act like summer for many weeks yet.

Patience’s new ensemble is pastel, but muted color—beige, ecru, rose, and lavender.  It would look pretty any time of year, actually, but I was inspired to work with this fabric now.

lovely in lavender 178

lovely in lavender 169Patience’s “light as a feather” cardigan is knit with lace weight mohair/silk yarn in a dusty lavender.  I pulled rosy color from the dusty pink roses and off white color from the background to embroider the bullion roses.  I was very happy how embroidering with these colors pulled the sweater and dress together so well.

lovely in lavender 123In Patience’s hair is a crocheted rosebud that matches the sweater.

lovely in lavender 204Two rows of ecru lace (English cotton Cluny) are tucked underneath two pin tucks on Patience’s skirt.  Patience’s sash is from the same lace company in England, but this lace is a fine nylon.  I dyed it ecru to match the lace on the skirt.  It makes a pretty little sash, don’t you think?

lovely in lavender 198

lovely in lavender 174Patience even found a little flower blossom that coordinates perfectly with her new ensemble.

lovely in lavender 145For more information on Patience’s “Lovely in Lavender” ensemble, please visit my “Available for Sale” page at cindyricedesigns.com .

Mother Nature’s Power and Beauty

I want to share with you some pictures my husband took of the storm that moved in to our area yesterday evening.  He captured some beautiful colors and lightening bolts.  It was quite a storm and even produced a small tornado that touched down about 15 minutes south of us.

Even in the midst of Mother Nature’s fury there can be beauty.