Many Outfits are in Progress

Hello everyone!  The summer season has officially started here in the United States.  Yay!

I’m sorry that I wasn’t around to chat last week.  My daughter graduated from high school and it was super duper busy around here.  So many good byes and things ending . . . it’s hard.  I know there will be lots of new beginnings, but the endings are sad, they really are.

Last week, I sewed . . . and sewed; I ONLY sewed!  I didn’t knit, crochet, embroider, or complete any ensembles.  When I would get some time, I would run down to my studio to sew another dress.  Now I have 5 dresses waiting for their sweaters to be knit and/or embroidered.

5 in dresses 847

You can see who the dresses are all for.  I do at least have all the sweaters planned—Patsy’s is knit already.  I’m going to knit all of the sweaters and then go back to embroider and complete the ensembles.  Gotta sometimes change things up.

Gina’s sweater will be knit with white lace weight mohair and then dyed a very light rosy pink.  Lucy’s  will be a light pink bamboo.  Gracie’s cardigan will be white pima cotton/bamboo.  Patsy’s is white mohair lace.  And, Millie’s will be knit with pink baby alpaca/silk lace yarn.  I also have a small ball of merino lace yarn that I hand dyed (a couple weeks ago) a light sky blue to knit a dress for Sugar.  I guess I’d better get knitting!

Wishing you all a great Tuesday!  Bye for now!

“Sunshine Darling”

My Little Darling, Gina, is here to show you what I completed for her this past week.  This color palette was totally outside my comfort zone—no pink, blue, or anything in the purple family.  If you look back at my past photos most of what I make contains one or more of these colors.

This ensemble started out with the yarn.  I pulled a skein of melon colored heathered wool out of my stash (probably on a cloudy day) and HAD to knit a sweater with it ASAP.  It is not orange, but a wonderful shade of melon with flecks of very subtle pale lemon-y yellow throughout.  I happened to have this lovely fabric by Sandy Gervais (Moda Fabrics) in my “recently acquired favorites” stash.  PERFECT!

sunshine darling 765

(Please pardon my horribly wrinkled backdrop.  It’s on my “to do” list for ironing.)

sunshine darling 758

Aren’t the colors in this fabric fresh, bright, and summery?  I love this fabric (even though it contains no pink, blue, or anything purple)!

sunshine darling 815

I wanted to mimic the open feeling of these roses as depicted by the fabric’s designer.  I used tiny seed and Delica beads sewn onto the sweater first, and then made bullion stitches around the bead clusters.

sunshine darling 770

Gina requested a flower cutting basket (just like Lucy’s) out of natural hemp.   You can see the ensemble with my first flower cutting basket here.  These crocheted baskets are perfect for  a bouquet of long stemmed flowers.

sunshine darling 788

The bouquet isn’t attached to the basket, so the Little Darlings can also hold the bouquet separately.

sunshine darling 797

Gina’s wide brimmed hat is crocheted with three different fibers and edged with a matching melon colored cotton.  A hand made wool felt bow decorates the under side of the brim.  She is sunny day, spring/summer ready!

sunshine darling 795

sunshine darling 740

Gina enjoyed our sunny day outside during her photo shoot.  We found a shady spot underneath the apple tree for some great shots.

“Sunshine Darling” will be available Sunday, May 22 (2016), at 7:00 pm, CST.  Go to the “Shop What’s New” page at at 7:00 for more information on this one-of-a-kind ensemble made for Dianna Effner’s Little Darling dolls.

sunshine darling 762

(Almost) Real Time Friday

I wanted to pop in and say hello to you all and wish you a great weekend.  We are having a stretch of beautiful days.  Maybe the sun is here to stay?  I can only hope that’s the case.  Sunny days are very uplifting for me.  I hope that you are having a stretch of beautiful days also.

Popping in to say hello means sharing a few images of what’s happening around here.  I have an ensemble finished for the Little Darlings.  And, it’s not pink, blue, or lilac . . . surprise, surprise!

I snapped this photo of Gina this morning and the other two following from our photo shoot yesterday.

sunshine darling 822

sunshine darling 740

sunshine darling 815

I’ve been working on something for Patsy… yes, again, lucky girl.  This ensemble started with the hat.  I originally crocheted this hat to go with “My Blue-ming Garden”, but it wasn’t right for it.  This hat actually fits Patsy better anyway.  Would you believe that I could only find in my stash two fabrics (other than dots or solid white) to coordinate with this hat?  (Guess I need to buy more blue.  lol)  I know that I’ve just used this fabric for the Little Darlings, but it is perfect for our dear Patsy, and she fell in love with it.  The Little Darlings ensemble focused on pink accents and Patsy’s will focus on blue with the pink being secondary.  I plan to knit her a mohair sweater in warm white.

05-20-16 831

05-20-16 825

Here are a couple of photos of fabric that arrived within the last few months.  I’m saving this for fall ensembles.  I think that this is the tiniest rose print that I’ve seen using so many colors.

fabric 836

I get a thrill when I see such cute selvages on fabric.  I’ve never actually made anything with them, but Lollyqquiltz has quite a few ideas about what to do with them.  A tote baglittle girl’s skirtmore ideas, can be found on her blog.  Cute, right!

fabric 839

Thanks for visiting with me today.  Bye for now!

“Beauty in Blue”

Today, it’s Gracie’s turn to model a new ensemble for you.

Gosh, I just love looking at this beautiful doll!  I think she is my favorite sculpt of all of Kaye’s dolls.

beauty in blue 644

beauty in blue 639

Gracie looks very delicate in blue, don’t you think?  Really, though, I don’t think that there is a color that she wouldn’t look beautiful wearing.

Gracie’s sweater is hand knit with a merino/bamboo yarn blend.  The winter white sweater is soft and has some body to it.  The blue rose motifs are embroidered to work singly as little bouquets and to also work together to form a well balanced asymmetrical composition on the sweater.  I chose natural wood beads as buttons to help pick up the natural colors in the dress’s background.

beauty in blue 674

beauty in blue650

Waistline darts help to fit Gracie dress at her waistline.  A hand dyed light blue silk ribbon ties around the waist.

beauty in blue 660

beauty in blue 663

Gracie has picked a simple little bouquet of blue blossoms for you.  Her bracelet is made with mother-of-pearl beads and seed beads.  A cobalt butterfly and heart dangle from the bracelet.

beauty in blue 597

beauty in blue 589

Isn’t Gracie a beautiful doll!  Do you have a favorite Kaye Wiggs sculpt?

beauty in blue 608

beauty in blue 582

Gracie’s “Beauty in Blue” ensemble will be available tonight (May 17, 2016) at 7:00 pm, CST.  View the “Shop What’s New” page at at 7:00 for more information on this set.

“Blue Skies for my Roses”

Along with Gracie, Patience had a modeling gig yesterday.  (I’ll show you Gracie later.)  Yes, we had sunshine and our family room was nice and bright, perfect for picture taking.

We also had frost yesterday morning!  What!!!  Hey, it’s mid May, Mother Nature, you’ve got your months mixed up!  Hopefully, she will come to her senses soon.

Anyway, back to Patience and her new ensemble.  I called this ensemble “Blue Skies for my Roses” because sunny, blue skies is what our roses need to bloom gloriously and that is what this fabric reminds me of.

blue skies for my roses 689

All of the color in the dress made the embroidery fun to do too; I think I used 7 different colors of floss.  Patience’s tiny sweater is knit with merino lace weight wool.  The peachy/ivory glass bead buttons are the perfect tone for this sweater; they blend with the light yellow/peach rosebuds.

blue skies for my roses 723

I used various flower buds in pastel warm pink, glass pearls, and Delica beads to decorate Patience’s floral headband in an asymmetrical composition.  The flower buds and beads are all neatly sewn and secured onto the headband.  The headband ties at the back of Patience’s neck.

blue skies for my roses 696

The bouquet and bracelet are equally colorful in pinks and neutrals.  Streamers of pastel sky blue silk ribbon float around the flower stems.

blue skies for my roses 695

blue skies for my roses 691

blue skies for my roses 686

blue skies for my roses 694

blue skies for my roses 698

Patience’s “Blue Skies for my Roses” ensemble will be available tonight (May 16, 2016) at 7:00 pm, CST.  Check my “Shop What’s New” page at for more information.

After Four Days

Yet again the same old story, after four days of rain and dreariness, the sun came out this afternoon.  One of these days I need to pack up and move to an area where the sun shines more than every fourth day.  LOL!  Anyway, it was so nice to see the sun, so I grabbed my camera.  I have more outdoor photos to show you.

First, I have some indoor progress to show you.  Gracie’s sweater is coming along nicely.  I will probably add one or two more motifs–smaller though. I feel that these two motifs are off balance right now.  I will sleep on it, and in the morning be able to figure out what it needs, I hope.  That’s usually the way it works when I am stuck.

05-12-16 507

I found this robin’s egg under some bushes.  I looked and looked for a nest, but couldn’t find one.  :(

robin's egg 508

The pink crabapple trees already have the majority of their petals on the ground.

crabapple petals 513

Our lilacs with the teeny tiny blossoms still have a ways to go before they bloom.

lilacs 456

I believe this is a spring blooming variety of hydrangea with small, flat, flowerheads.

hydrangea 520

These prickly barberry bushes have blossoms–who knew!  I’m not a fan of barberry, but they are kind of pretty right now.

barberry 516

I hope you all have a lovely spring weekend!  Bye for now!

Another Rainy Day and Week

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, to you all!  Yes, the rain has started up again.  And, it’s forecast through the weekend, maybe even longer.  It’s all good; I am ready!  Boy, this has been such a wet and cool spring!  Yesterday was dreary, but no rain, so I was able to get some outdoor photos of our yard.  I am so glad I took the time outside with my camera yesterday; it was probably my only chance!

This weekend the many crabapple trees on our property came into bloom.  We have white and pink trees.  The pink are a challenge to photograph on a darker day, but you can get an idea anyway.  While taking these photos of our crabapple trees I was immersed in their scent which reminded me of my childhood as we always seemed to have crabapples trees growing in our yard.

crabapples pink 409

crabapples white 435

crabapples pink white 416

crabapples white 461

crabapples white 438

crabapples white 436

crabapples white 459

crabapples pink 467

crabapples pink 468

I took the photo below of our apple tree.  It has very few blossoms on it, so I guess that means not too many apples this fall.

apple tree blossoms 434

Miss Feral Kitty is waiting patiently for me to finish with my photography, so I can go around front and feed her her breakfast.  Notice the flick of her tail, so cute.

kitty 2016 474

This is last year’s nest that a mommy and daddy robin used to raise three babies.

last year's robin nest 457

Okay, another mystery . . . anyone know what this shrub is called?  These flowers are incredibly tiny, maybe 1/4″ or so.  I cannot smell any scent from the flowers.

flowering shrub 470

Another shot to give you an idea at how forget-me-nots spread every year.  Origninally, I had planted one packet.  This is only one tiny area of them.  Luckily, they are easy to pull.

forget-me-nots 428

The latest news from my sewing room is that I did get Patience’s dress remade yesterday, and it is now perfect.  Yay!  I’ve been dyeing pieces of Lycra knit that will be used for tights, socks, and panties while writing this blog post, so now I’ll have four pieces of different pinky shades to choose from.  It seems I use shades of pink or white more than any other color.

Bye for now!  Wishing you all a great day!


Oh, my goodness, what a packed full weekend!  When there is too much to write about, I don’t, sorry.  I should have been posting all weekend . . . so very sorry to neglect you all.

I hope all of you moms that celebrate Mother’s Day had a wonderful day filled with happy times and maybe a little pampering.  I started a load of laundry yesterday morning and the clothes magically got put away.  My husband and daughter gifted me with a new Kindle and a bunch of red orange tulips.  I’ve been wanting a Kindle for reading library books; I think I’ll really like it and use it all the time (that is when I’m not sewing, knitting, embroidering, or crocheting, etc.)  LOL!

tulips 475

I always get asked what I want to do on Mother’s Day.  Every year my answer is something leisurely.  Do you know what I said this year?  Yard work!  Yep, that’s how we spent a good portion of the day.  Our messy garden beds were starting to weigh me down and now most of them are nice and clean.  And, it was really nice spending time working hard with my daughter at my side.  While my daughter and I worked around the front of the house, my husband was busy at the back and spent the entire day outside.  I don’t know how he does that!

Afterwards, my daughter made me a late lunch complete with a big bowl of strawberry ice cream!  That ice cream was well deserved, don’t you think?

This morning my hamstrings are quite sore and I have a bright red sunburned stripe where my back waistband didn’t quite meet the bottom of my t-shirt.  Oops!  Thank goodness for aloe gel.

roses 471

 Here’s one of my three rose bushes.  We had to scrape away millions of tiny seedlings growing around the rosebushes.  (I don’t think I got them all either.)  One of the rosebushes had so many tiny forget-me-nots growing around it; it looks like it has died.  I saw a few green branches, so hopefully it will catch up to the other two.

back yard bed 426Even though I tried, I couldn’t get all of the grass pulled out that is growing through the phlox.  If anyone has a helpful tip for this, please, please, let me know.

I have more outdoor photos to show you tomorrow.

Today I need to remake Patience’s dress.  :(  The bodice is too long for the sweater and just looks odd.  I hate redoing things, but it has to be done.  Better get to work . . .

 I hope everyone’s week is starting off nicely.  Bye for now!

Thank You & Something for Sugar

First of all, thank you all for the love and support you showered me with yesterday.  It’s amazing how uplifting you all are!  I sit all alone and work in my studio day after day, but you all make me feel that I am not really working alone; I feel I am simply in my office which is located in a bigger building.  So, thank you all so very, very much!

Today my Fairyland Pukipuki, Sugar, wants to show you her little something in blue.  It is a tiny dress knit in a tonal baby alpaca/silk lace weight yarn.  I love all of the subtle shades of blue, violet, and pink in this colorway.  I’ve used it before here (Little Darlings), here (Amelia Thimble), and here (Amelia Thimble).  Although I’ve used this yarn a few other times, this is the first dress I’ve made for Sugar with it.  And sadly, it is no longer available, so when my one skein is gone… well, you know…😦

“Garden of Blues” was finished before “My ‘Blue’-ming Garden” that I showed you yesterday, but Sugar would not agree to let me sell it until now.  I told her that I have another dress for her that I am going to dye in a surprise shade of pink, so she relented.

garden of blues 195 title

Sugar enjoyed our photo shoot in the garden very much.  She loves how her dress coordinates with all of the flowers that are blooming now.  Sugar was especially captivated by the lilac phlox.

garden of blues 207

garden of blues 187

Sugar’s “Garden of Blues” dress will be available tonight at 7:00 pm CST on my website,  Look for the “Shop What’s New” page.

“My ‘Blue’-ming Garden” and Away with the Blues

I am happy to say that my mood is no longer “blue” and the sun is shining for the second morning in a row.  Thank you for all of the uplifting and helpful comments the last couple of days.  It’s been fun hearing from you.

I picked a bouquet yesterday with creeping Charlie (yes, it’s a weed and my husband didn’t think it was funny), phlox, and forget-me-nots.

creeping charlie phlox forget-me-not

The title of Lucy’s ensemble was quite easy to come up with.  Outside of the obvious, it’s blue, and everywhere I look outside I see shades of blue/blue violet blossoms.

my %22blue%22-ming garden 330

Here is Lucy!  She is all ready to stroll around the SUNNY garden paths and collect some flowers to make mom a bouquet for Mother’s Day.

This ensemble ended up having more hand made pieces than what I normally make for an outfit; it was quite labor intensive.  As I was working on this outfit for the Little Darlings, I felt it needed a hat, and then I felt the sweet little crocheted slippers would be perfect… so I went with it, and just kept on creating.  Do you like it?

my %22blue%22-ming garden 335

my %22blue%22-ming garden 293

The hand knit and embroidered mohair/silk lace weight sweater really is “light as a feather” and so soft.  The motifs that I embroidered on the sweater coordinate with the dress print.

my %22blue%22-ming garden 337

Lucy’s crocheted hat is made with three colors of cotton and two different weights.  I wanted it to have the feel of a straw hat, so included a camel color.  It is delicately embellished with cotton lace, silk ribbon, blue blossoms, and seed beads.  I fussed with the bow to get it to lay “just right”.  Everything is carefully hand sewn to this hat with Fray Check added to the ribbon edges.  I love how this photo shows off Lucy’s cute profile.

my %22blue%22-ming garden 350

Lucy’s flower cutting basket is crocheted with hemp.  Her flowers can lay in the basket or she can hold them.  They are secured with a clear band and silk ribbon.

my %22blue%22-ming garden 291

my %22blue%22-ming garden 257

I love these girls in ballet styled slippers.  Their legs are so graceful.  I made these soles out of a matching tan to pick up the natural colors in the hat and basket.

my %22blue%22-ming garden 322

Gina’s drop waist styled dress is simple and perfect for a garden stroll.

my %22blue%22-ming garden 310

my %22blue%22-ming garden 270

my %22blue%22-ming garden 258

Lucy had to have matching panties… a hand dyed and tied silk ribbon to match her dress!

my %22blue%22-ming garden 335

my %22blue%22-ming garden 324

Lucy’s “My ‘Blue’-ming Garden” will be available tonight (May 3, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST, , link is on the “Shop What’s New” page (at 7pm).