Our Summer Garden

I am back from a wonderfully long and very relaxing vacation.  I was able to spend time with my entire family and have many memories that I will always treasure.

I returned home last Tuesday and am still finding my way back to where I left off four weeks ago.  Am getting there little by little…

I started “Our Summer Garden” for Patience and Amelia Thimble before I left, did some knitting while away, and was able to finish it up within this last week at home.

Just like my flower garden this sister set is in full bloom and oh, so colorful.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

our summer garden 828

our summer garden 821

our summer garden 842

our summer garden 859

our summer garden 862

our summer garden 868

Patience’s sweater and Amelia Thimble’s soft and cuddly dress/hat are knit with lace weight mohair silk yarn.  The embroidery coordinates with the colors in the cotton print used for the dress.

our summer garden 827

I pulled out some of my vintage paper flowers which were the perfect color of blue and attached a pink silk ribbon bow for a sweet little bouquet.

While on vacation my sister let me raid her bead stash… so fun… Patience has a bracelet from my scavenging.  Thanks, sis!  You’re the best!

“Summer’s Sweetheart” for the Little Darlings

I was able to complete one more summery sundress outfit for the Little Darlings.  I think this is the last one though… :(

I made the bodice of this dress the focal point so I designed a bolero to show off the lace and silk long tailed bow when it is being worn.  The lace is a scalloped rayon that is hand sewn onto the dress with tiny seed beads at the points of the lace and a line of pink embroidery at the top.  The bolero is as light as a feather being made out of lace weight mohair/silk and knit on slightly larger needles.  The rosebuds are colorful shades of pinks and purples and placed along the neckline and bottom corners.  Finely crocheted ballet slipper shoes, rose hair ties, and a bracelet complete the look.  Oh, underneath it all is a pair of prettily embroidered panties.

summer's sweetheart 652

summer's sweetheart 649

summer's sweetheart 630b

summer's sweetheart 667

summer's sweetheart 668

summer's sweetheart 675

summer's sweetheart 643

For more information on this set please visit cindyricedesigns.com

“Violas & Violet” for Amelia Thimble

My new “Basically Amelia Thimble” doll suggested that I make her a viola embroidered dress too.  What a great idea she had!  Her blue eyes look so pretty with these colors.  She even got a little hat to go with the dress.  (Pukipuki Sugar is a bit jealous, but that’s the way it goes…)  This dress is embroidered with viola blossoms each in a different combination of purples and blues.  What fun!

violas & violet 564

violas & violet 558

violas & violet 553

violas & violet 563

violas & violet 618

violas & violet 548

For more information on “Violas & Violet” please visit cindyricedesigns.com

“Summery Days” for the Little Darlings

Summer days…wish they could go on forever, don’t you?  My Little Darling, Gina, is wearing a new ensemble called “Summery Days”.  Bright white cotton and cool blue and violet hues with a touch of pink make this ensemble clean and crisp, perfect for this time of year.  And…just in case a cool breeze starts to blow there is a lacy sweater knit up in a tonal baby alpaca/silk blend yarn with tiny pink rosebuds embroidered at the shoulders.  A very delicate look for our sweet Little Darling girls.

summery days 411

summery days 418

summery days 572

summery days 589

summery days 581

summery days 420

More information on this set can be found on cindyricedesigns.com

Violas or Johnny-Jump Ups

Sow a packet of Violas one time in your garden and every year they will gift you with more and more tiny plants without any work help from you.  What I find so fascinating about these tiny pansy-like flowers is that one basic heirloom variety begets many different color combinations.  So, if you are a pansyaholic, enjoy shades of purple, and love surprises in your garden throw down a packet of these in the spring and enjoy for years to come.

Viola wtitle Collage

The violas growing in my garden inspired me to create this little dress for my Fairyland Pukipuki Sugar.  I used bullion stitch, colonial knots, lazy daisy, back stitch, and oyster stitches to create the embroidery on this hand knit lilac bamboo dress.

sweet li'l viola 499

sweet li'l viola 505

sweet li'l viola 502

sweet li'l viola 495

For more information on Pukipuki’s viola dress please visit cindyricedesigns.com.

The Littlest Rosebud

We have two of the tiniest rosebushes that I have ever seen.  Both are in bloom right now and have the prettiest pink rosebuds.  The roses are so small…well, they are doll size.  To get in the spirit of things Sugar (Fairyland’s Pukipuki) donned her pink dress with embroidered roses and is ready to show you one of our “doll size” rosebuds.

puki & rosebud 222

puki & rosebud 227

puki & rosebud 235

Pukipuki dolls are also sold at Denver Doll Emporium.

Butterfly Kisses in the Garden

My Little Darling, Gina, and I had our photo shoot for this ensemble outside in the garden.  It was a very breezy, but beautiful day.  This tiny little butterfly seemed quite taken with Gina.  It flitted and fluttered and tickled her nose.

butterfly kisses 062

butterfly kisses 058

butterfly kisses 045

butterfly kisses 071The little butterfly perches on the bench while Gina poses for this one.

For more information on this 8-piece ensemble for Dianna Effner’s Little Darlings please go to cindyricedesigns.com




The Flowers are Finally Blooming!

magnolia 114

violets phlox100

I love flowers so much and wanted to share with you some of the beauty happening here in northern Illinois.  I spied a tiny patch of violets growing off the side of the road while out on a walk today.  Well, it’s been so long since I’ve seen a violet that I just had to stop and pick a small bunch.  They needed some company in their vase and our purple phlox just started blooming.  They make great neighbors, don’t you think?  And… they are soooo pretty and sweet smelling.  While I was at it, I grabbed a pair of scissors and snipped some blossoms off of our pink magnolia tree.  They have a slightly grape fragrance to them and are so sweet to look at.  I love bringing a bit of nature inside.

“Softly Spring” Ensemble for Dianna Effner’s Little Darlings

softly spring 812

Gina is back to modeling for me and is as happy as can be.  I’ve been working for awhile now on this very involved 8-piece ensemble for the beautifully sweet Little Darlings.

I am so happy with how this mohair/silk lace hand knit sweater turned out.  It is knit from the top down, then I added lace edgings with a 3 needle bind off.  I wanted the scalloped edge of the lace edging, but still wanted to make the sweater from the top down so this was my solution.  Lots of math involved as the lace had a specific number for the pattern and then the sleeves and body had to be the exact same number of stitches as the edging that would go with it.  Yikes, I could feel the burn as my brain worked on this one!

softly spring 922

I encircled the eyelet neckline with lots of delicate hand embroidery; roses in pinks, some blue and yellow golden flower clusters, and pretty green for the meandering stems and leaves.

softly spring 938

After I completed the sweater I was able to see the kind of dress that I thought would be pretty with it.  I found this very soft washed blue cotton chambray in my fabric collection.  I added some tucks to the skirt along with a rose bouquet motif and white tulle that barely peeks out from underneath the skirt.  I repeated a smaller rose bouquet motif on the bodice just under the strap on the opposite side to balance the embroidered motifs.  The entire dress is lined in white cotton lawn with all of the seams enclosed to make the dress beautiful inside.

softly spring 906   softly spring 819

softly spring 939

A low back and angled straps show off these dolls graceful arms, pretty back, and slightly sloping shoulders so well.  I love how Dianna sculpted the body of these dolls, so graceful and elegant.

softly spring 908   softly spring 830

I added a crocheted drawstring purse with a cotton voile hankie (embroidered with the L.D.’s initials), some crocheted ballet slippers, a bracelet, bow headband, and panties and the ensemble was complete.

softly spring 956

softly spring 909

For more information on this ensemble please visit my website, cindyricedesigns.com.

Happy Easter from the Chi-bunny

easter chi-bunny 660

This is my sweetie pie baby, a 4 year-old tri-color chihuahua.  He is such a little guy, fits right into my daughter’s Easter basket.  I was so proud of him for being such a good boy while I took about a hundred pictures trying to get “the” shot.

Happy Easter!